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Jill Holtz

August 9, 2021

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We have a series of regular Lives on our MyKidsTime Instagram with experts that we know and trust to be helpful to parents. They will share top tips and answer questions from parents.

Upcoming Live Topics and Experts

If you would like to submit a question in advance to any of our experts, click here and fill out our question form. Our experts will do their best to answer your question during the Live.


Car Seat Safety Tips For Parents with Lucy Murphy, Founder of Car Seat Safety Ireland

What: Founder of Car Seat Safety Ireland and admin of Rear-facing Car Seats for Toddlers and Children Lucy Murphy will be sharing her expert tips and answering your questions on car seats.
Topics covered: The importance of using the correct car seat according to your child’s weight and height, from birth right up to 150cm/12yrs old. Common mistakes and how to avoid them. How to buy the correct seat. The importance of rear-facing for as long as possible.
Where: On our Instagram Account, Live
When: Thursday 26th August at 7pm.

Lucy is a mom of 2 and has always been interested in pushchairs and car seats. This interest led her to researching Extended Rearfacing car seats after her eldest was born over 10 years ago. She is passionate about extended rearfacing and keeping all children as safe as possible while in the car and has recently set up her own Instagram page carseatsafety_ireland to share easily accessible safety information.

Lucy is also an Admin of the Ireland – Rearfacing Car Seats for Toddlers and Children Facebook group, which has over 19,000 members. Along with car seats, Lucy is involved in her local Friends of Breastfeeding group, loves promoting cloth nappies, and making small everyday changes to help the environment.


Meal Planning Tips For Busy Families with Caitriona Redmond

Caitriona Redmond

What: Food writer and mum Caitriona Redmond will be sharing her expert tips and answering your questions about planning meals for the family.
Topics covered: It’s not all about cooking from scratch. Planning around activities. Fast food for when you have nothing prepared.
Where: On our Instagram Account, Live
When: 9th of September at 7.30pm

Caitríona has been blogging about feeding her family well on a budget for many years and her cookbook ‘Wholesome – Feed Your Family Well For Less’ was published by Mercier Press. She is a member of the Guild of Irish Food Writers, works with Lidl Ireland as a brand ambassador, and juggles working with parenting, and also parenting with additional needs – very relevant to food and meals, as Caitriona has learned to deal with fussy eating, sensory issues, and food aversions.

Caitriona has a free slow cooking mini-book available to subscribers to her website along with meal planning printables. Visit and follow Caitriona on Instagram @caitriona_redmond, on Facebook and on Twitter @WholesomeIE.

Returning to the World of Work Afer Children with Ciara Garvan, WorkJuggle

work juggle ciara garvan

What: Founder of will be sharing her expert tips and answering your questions about returning to work.
Topics covered: Key skills for returning to work. How to network when you hate networking. What does the hybrid workforce mean for you.
Where: On our Instagram Account, Live
When: 23rd of September at 7pm

Ciara Garvan is the Founder of, an innovative, online platform connecting highly skilled professionals with flexible, remote and contract roles. Ciara has been a notable contributor to the Irish technology industry over the past fifteen years, holding senior roles in blue-chip companies, such as Accenture, eir and Meteor. She was previously Chair of Dyspraxia / DCD Ireland and has a passion for Diversity & Inclusion. WorkJuggle has worked with many high profile Irish companies on their Diversity & Inclusion strategy and trained entire organisations on Unconscious Bias and how to manage Inclusively.

WorkJuggle is a curated, digital recruitment platform that connects highly skilled professionals with flexible, remote and contract roles. As we move into a post-Covid world the dynamic around work has completely changed. Working trends such as remote working and flexible working have become everyday realities. Alongside this, the companies are increasingly cost-focused and are reimagining talent. Talent is no longer a fixed permanent employee whom you “own” but it can be a talented contractor hired for a specific skill set for a period of time. This is the space within which WorkJuggle operates.

WorkJuggle were the first company in Ireland to launch Re-entry workshops for women looking to get back into the workforce. Since then they have delivered multiple programs for women looking to get back particularly in the area of Technology on behalf of Technology Ireland Digital Skillnet. If you would like to hear more about their programs please click here. Find out more about WorkJuggle on their website, follow their LinkedIn company page, follow them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


Parenting the Screenager with Family Psychotherapist and Author Richard Hogan

Parenting the Screenager Richard Horgan

What: Family psychotherapist and author of the best-selling book, “Parenting the Screenager” Richard Hogan will be joining us live this October to empower families so that they can communicate in a more effective manner.
Topics covered: Building resilience in the modern child, strategic approaches to your child’s gaming habit and parenting the anxious child.
Where: On our Instagram Account, Live
When: Thursday 7th October at 7pm

Richard Hogan is a systemically trained family psychotherapist and author of the best-selling book, “Parenting the Screenager”. He was awarded a Fulbright scholarship for his progressive ideas working with teenagers. He writes every Thursday for the Irish Examiner where he outlines strategies for parents dealing with the modern teenager. He lectures in DCU and Antioch Seattle on strength-based psychology.

Richard is a regular contributor on Radio & TV where he gives insights and offers his expertise on human behaviour. Richard’s approach is strength-based and works with families to empower them so that they can communicate in a more effective manner.

Follow Richard on Instagram and Twitter.

Previous Lives

Back To School Tips and Starting School with Sandra Byrne, Creator of

Starting School Sandra Byrne

What: Sandra Byrne, teacher and mum of 4 will share her top tips for getting ready for back to school and for starting school. She will also answer your questions on the Live.
Topics covered:
1. Top 5 ways of preparing your child for school
2. What kind of lunches would be best
3. Choosing the right schoolbag
4. How to support your child’s learning
Where: On our Instagram page, Live
When: Thursday 12th August at 8pm

Sandra is a primary school teacher of 19 years and mum to four small boys! She created the website where parents can connect with independent primary school teachers for advice, guidance and online tutoring. Sandra has also created courses for parents who want to know what their child should know by the end of each class level, and she hahs created a starter Irish e-book for parents who want to help their child with Irish.


Follow Sandra on Instagram and Facebook at for bite sized info on how to support your child’s learning.

First Aid Tips For Parents with Dave Turner, a Certified Instruction at Parent First Aid

parent first aid

What: Certified Instructor at Parent First Aid, Dave Turner will be sharing his expert tips and answering your questions on child first aid.
Topics covered: CPR for Infant and Child, How to deal with a choking Infant and Child, Burns/Scalds,
Where: On our Facebook page, Live
When: Thursday 29th July at 7.30pm

Parent First Aid is Ireland’s leading provider of first aid training for parents & childminders offering classes online and in venues across Ireland. We also offer bespoke first aid training within businesses, schools and sports/social clubs nationwide.

Parent First Aid was set up by Peter Finnegan following his own personal family medical emergency in October 2014, when Peter’s two-year-old son Robbie was unable to breathe and started changing colour as he choked on a piece of fruit in the family home. This frightening incident spurred Peter onto setting up Parent First Aid.

Parent First Aid was established to offer essential medical emergency instruction at a local level and at times that suit busy family lives. All courses are delivered by vetted, fully qualified and experienced trainers.

Follow Parent First Aid on Facebook and Instagram

The Importance of Learning Through Play with Tríona Gunning

triona gunning

What: Former Childcare professional and mother of two Tríona Gunning will be sharing her top tips to empower parents with the skills to create joyful, meaningful moments as a family while also fostering your child’s skills to be happy, confident and resilient.
Topics covered: Types of play and benefits, the importance of the adult’s role and how to make time for quality play in your routine.
Where: On our Facebook page Live
When: Thursday 1st July at 7pm

Tríona Gunning is a stay at home mother and former childcare professional who recently founded Early Years Insights to combine her knowledge of child development research with practical strategies that can be adapted to work in all homes. Tríona’s online workshops support parents from their own home, are fully interactive and are accompanied by resources that can be used easily when needed. She aspires to empower parents with the skills to create joyful, meaningful moments as a family while also fostering your child’s skills to be happy, confident and resilient.

This summer Tríona will be providing two new workshops on her website – Preparing for Preschool and Preparing for School. These workshops will provide insights into the importance of transitions for young children, how parents can support them and the practical strategies and items that will make this big step a smooth one. Use exclusive code MYKIDSTIME20 for 20% off upcoming workshops.

Tips for Fertility with Helena Tubridy, Fertility Coach and Therapist

Helena Tubidy

What: Fertility coach and therapist Helena Tubridy will be sharing her expert tips and answering your questions on all aspects of fertility.
Topics covered: Improving fertility naturally, common mistakes when trying for a baby, conceiving over age 35 and
waiting for a second baby – secondary infertility.
Where: On our Facebook page Live
When: Thursday 17th June at 7.30pm

Helena Tubridy MA RGN RN is a fertility coach and therapist.She helps men and women optimise fertility naturally, prepare for IVF success and navigate pregnancy loss. She supports clients during secondary infertility struggles, after miscarriage, stillbirth, and birth trauma. A trained nurse and midwife, she uses medical hypnosis for easier birth, and EMDR for trauma care.

Helena’s new course ‘Fully Charged Fertility’ is designed to help couples achieve pregnancy more easily. Based on her 35 years helping couples have babies, it’s got the accurate fertility know-how you need to know. Packed with video lessons, expert interviews, articles, and hypnotic meditations this course teaches you how to get your fertility fully charged.

Visit Helena’s website at, find her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

Breastfeeding Tips For New Mothers with Nicola O’Byrne RCN IBCLC Paediatric Nurse and Lactation Consultant

Nicola O Byrne

What: Paediatric nurse, lactation consultant and mother of five, Nicola O’Byrne from will be sharing her top tips to help mothers on their breastfeeding journey from birth to beyond.
Topics covered: Positioning, attachment, support, your milk and routine.
Where: On our Facebook page Live
When: Thursday 3rd June at 10am

Paediatric nurse and lactation consultant Nicola is a mum of 5 who helps breastfeeding families achieve their goals to feed their babies and children. Nicola offers private online consults, group online classes, antenatal colostrum harvesting packs, and much more. Nicola also offers an online breastfeeding prep class to first time couples or those who would like a refresher course . This course gets excellent reviews from attendees – booking and details here.

Visit Nicola’s website at follow her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Expert Tips for Calming Your Anxious Child

Alicia Eaton Facebook Live image

What: Alicia Eaton, Emotional Wellbeing Specialist and Author will give her top tips for calming an anxious child
Topics covered:

  • Why today’s children are more stressed and anxious than previous generations.
  • How to spot if anxiety is becoming a problem for your child.
  • How changing a few simple things in the home environment can reduce anxiety.
  • How to give emotional first aid – what to say and do when your child has a meltdown or panics eg. exam stress, stage fright, fear of medical procedures or dogs etc.

Where: On our Facebook page Live
When: Thursday 20th May 2pm BST / 9am EST

Alicia Eaton Books

Alicia Eaton is an Emotional Wellbeing Specialist based in London’s Harley Street for over 15 years. She’s also the author of 4 books – the latest being ‘First Aid for your Child’s Mind’. Alicia is also the creator of a programme to help parents, Stop Bedwetting in 7 Days. Visit her website at and follow her on Facebook Alicia Eaton Wellbeing and in her Facebook group Stop Bedwetting for Good.

Top Skincare Tips for Teens

Dermalogica Skincare Facebook Live image

What: Fully qualified and highly experienced skin therapist and Dermalogica expert Claire Baitson will be sharing her top teen skincare tips.
Topics covered: Skin concerns, how to treat them and prevent breakouts. Ingredients to look out for and the best products for teen skin.
Where: On our Facebook page Live
When: Thursday 6th May 7pm BST / 2pm EST

Claire is a qualified skin therapist and Dermalogica expert who will address top teen skin concerns and how to treat them, the best ingredients to look out for and the best products for teen skin. She’ll also give tips on how to prevent breakouts. Dermalogica are kindly sponsoring this session, visit their website, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Special Offer: If you spend over €40 on use code MKT1 to receive a Clear Start Hydration Station Kit free.

No Fuss Sleep Tips for Kids with Niamh O’Reilly, Author & Baby Sleep Specialist,

Facebook Live Event Niamh O'Reilly

What: Fully qualified and highly experienced Nursery Nurse and Sleep Specialist Niamh will be sharing tips for parents on baby and child sleep. Niamh’s calm and relaxed approach to sleep tips for kids will immediately put you at ease.
Topics covered: Sleep – how much at each age, common sleep struggles and things that go bump in the night
Where: On our Facebook page Live
When: Thursday 29th April 7pm BST / 2pm EST

Niamh O’Reilly is a Baby and Toddler sleep specialist and best-selling author of “No Fuss Baby and Toddler Sleep”. Bringing a wealth of knowledge and close to 20 years of childcare experience Niamh delivers attentive, professional advice in a warm yet practical manner. Her calm and relaxed approach will immediately put you at ease and her techniques and tools can be easily tailored. As well as being a regular in the Irish media, Niamh is the Sleep Expert with many national publications, helping families worldwide to attain that ‘holy grail’ – nights of uninterrupted sleep. Niamh firmly believes that a little confidence can go a long way when it comes to managing sleep with the little ones.

Niamh offers a service to parents, “Quick Sleep Chat” by phone/zoom to set you up on the path to better sleep for the family, for more info email [email protected]

Visit Niamh’s website at and follow her on social media: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Healthy Recipes for Weaning, Toddlers (and the entire family!) with Aileen Cox from Baby Led Feeding

Facebook Live Event Aileen Cox Blundell

What: Aileen will be sharing tips and demonstrating easy recipes that you can make as well as answering questions live.
Topics covered: Starting solids, baby led weaning, portion sizes and healthy cooking for families.
Where: On our Facebook page Live
When: Thursday 15th April 7pm BST / 2pm EST

Aileen Cox Blundell is the number one bestselling author of two cookbooks for baby led weaning and founder of Her Baby Led Feeding community has over 160k followers between Facebook and Instagram with parents from all over the world. The recipes and advice shared helps thousands of children to eat more veggies right from the very start of weaning right up to helping working parents prep lunches and dinners for busy days. It’s all about making life as easy as possible.

Watch Aileen’s Live here

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