Join Us for the Mykidstime 21 Day Health & Fitness Challenge

Jill Holtz

April 10, 2022

Health and Fitness Challenge

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Do you want to improve your health and fitness? We have teamed up with fitness, health and wellness advocate Fiona O’Donnell for our Mykidstime 21 Day Health & Fitness Challenge which aims to help you get active, become stronger, eat more healthily, and develop a routine that you can maintain.

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Important: Before beginning any exercise programme you should consult your GP

Join the Mykidstime 21 Day Health & Fitness Challenge

One of the best things about our 21 Day Health & Fitness Challenge is that there is very little you need to get started – you just get yourself a good pair of runners and off you go!

We’ll be giving you a daily mini challenge with a mix of fitness, healthy eating and other surprises. These will help keep you motivated during the 21 Day Challenge and make it easier for you to get active as well as healthier, stronger and fitter.

Here’s what one parent who completed our Health & Fitness Challenge said:

I feel more supple and more able to follow the plan. It made me think about fitness in a more holistic manner so my sleep, eating habits, me time and then the exercises to help with problem areas like shoulders and hips.

We want you to tell us during the challenge how you are getting on so tag us on social using #mkt21days and we’ll give you some encouragement! 

Don’t feel embarrassed if you miss a day or don’t complete something, we don’t want it to be a stress, just to help each other get healthier, stronger and fitter!

Let’s get fit and healthy together!

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About Fiona O’Donnell

Fiona O'Donnell

Fiona began her career in health when she was 18 and she started working at the check-in desk in the Emergency Department of her local hospital. She moved to Dublin and enrolled to study Medical Physics so that she could become a Cardiac Clinical Physiologist.

In this job, she would be involved in diagnostic testing of patients who showed signs or symptoms of cardiac disease or other illnesses that impacted on the heart. Roll forward a number of years and, following the birth of her third child, she decided that juggling a full-time, very demanding job and being a mom to 3 children was not the lifestyle she wanted. So, she left her job in the hospital and returned to university to achieve her Masters in Exercise and Nutrition Science.

Since then, she has been working with 1:1 clients, teams, corporates and colleges developing wellness programmes, offering insight into poor lifestyle choices, and steering clients in the direction of a healthier version of themselves.

Her ethos is ‘health first’ and while she is happy to help individuals who have short-term goals, her real aim is lifelong health and wellness.

When not working with clients, she spends time riding her horse, training for the sport of triathlon (occasionally competing), doing yoga, travelling, spending time at the beach with her kids, and cooking (not in that order).

Find out more at, email her at, follow her on Instagram.

Mykidstime 21 Day Health and Fitness Challenge

Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!

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