Join us for the Mykidstime 21 Day Fitness Challenge

fitness challenge

Do you want to improve your health and fitness? We have teamed up with Dan Sweeney Health & Fitness for our Mykidstime 21 Day Fitness Challenge which aims to help you get active, strong and to develop a fitness routine that you can maintain. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now!

N.B. Before beginning any exercise programme you should consult your GP

21 Day Challenge

One of the best things about our 21 Day Challenge is that there is very little you need to get started; you just get yourself a good pair of runners and off you go!

We’ll be giving you a daily mini challenge of workout routines. These will help keep you motivated during the 21 Day Challenge and make it easier for you to get active as well as stronger and fitter.

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We want you to tell us during the challenge how you are getting on by leaving a comment (or Tweeting us or Snapchatting us). Don’t feel embarrassed if you miss a day or don’t complete something, we don’t want it to be a stress, just to help each other get fit!

Let’s get fit together!

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