Kingii: Keep Kids Safe in Water with Ingenious Inflatable Device


How do you protect yourself and your loved ones this summer in the water? Tom Agapiades tells us about Kingii and how to keep kids safe in water with this ingenious inflatable device – the new standard in water safety.

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What is it?

KingiiThis is Kingii. The smallest inflatable in the world.


This wristband is revolutionizing water safety – once an emergency case occurs in the water, the wearer simply pulls the lever and a bag deploys which brings the person to the surface of the water and helps them to float there. Then the bright orange of the ballon and the attached emergency whistle allow them to signal for help.

Who is it for?

150624_Kingii_0783The Kingii is for everyone who loves water – young to old.

We recommend that children be six or older. Our experience has proven that children like wearing the device – they simply understood the mechanism, and it made them feel like they were wearing a James Bond device/gadget!

Why is it different?

People focus on safety: when they ride a bike, they wear a helmet; when they drive a car they wear a seat-belt. Up to now, there has been nothing convenient for people to use when having a good time in/near the water! Did you ever see someone playing with a ball on the beach, wearing a life jacket?

Therefore, we came up with something small, convenient and especially non-intrusive – the Kingii.

Tell us in 5 words why we should buy?

Safety, Convenience – Peace of Mind!

Find out more about Kingii on their website, support their crowdfunding campaign, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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Over to you now. Have you tried a Kingii? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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