My Secret for Good Hygiene for Teens? Plenty of Hot Water!


May 11, 2018

hygiene for teens

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After shared bath times became impossible because my 2 girls were too big for the same tub, I had a battle on my hands getting them anywhere near water. Then boom, the tween and teen years hit and now I can’t get them away from it! Tweens and teens are more body conscious and you will find that hygiene and hair move way up the list of priorities as they grow older! My Secret for Good Hygiene for Teens? Plenty of Hot Water!

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Showering & Body Odour


As your teen develops and any sports they take part in intensify, they may need to shower more often and may need to use deodorant. Whatever you do, do NOT make a big deal about this. Just include some in the weekly shop and leave in their bedroom.

You no longer have a problem getting them to take a shower either, the issue now is getting them out of it!

Our hot water is constantly being used and showers now last at least 10 minutes if I don’t nag them to take shorter ones! I encourage mine to take evening showers now because mornings can be such a rush.

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Hair Products As Far As The Eye Can See


Shampoo and conditioner is just the start of it. I now have to include hair masks, styling products, products to combat styling products and ensure that all of them leave hair looking shiny, soft and healthy.

Some teens may prefer not to wash their hair daily whilst others who have oilier hair might want to wash their hair every day.

If you have a boy, it is most likely that they have now taken a liking to gel, and they just can’t seem to comprehend your advice that “a little goes a long way”. Tubes of hair gel are now being sneaked in to your shopping trolley on a weekly basis.

And be warned, once your tween becomes a teen, most will experiment with hair colouring products too.

Keeping Mouths Fresh


No teen wants bad breath, so encourage your teen to brush and floss every day, especially if they’re drinking coffee and sports drinks.

I also keep plenty of sugar free chewing gum and mints in the car and around the house to help encourage chewing and fresh breath.

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Stinky Feet


Sweaty feet, stinky socks and shoes are a common teen problem. Encourage your teen to change socks regularly, keep the sock pile well stocked. If you can manage a second pair of runners or shoes so they can change every day that also helps. Avoid synthetic materials if you can, as these can exacerbate the smelliness.

If the stinky feet are really persistent there may be a bacterial problem, so get feet checked out if it persists.

Skin Care Routine

tween skin care routine

Most tweens and teens will suffer with spots and some with more severe acne, that is all part of the changes that take place in your body during this time of growth.

Encouraging your tween/teen to follow a skin-care routine helps to keep skin looking healthy. Part of this routine is washing their face morning and night with a gentle cleansing product designed for their skin type and age.

If your tween/teen suffers with a severe case of acne, it is best to have them seen by a specialist.

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Make Good Hygiene Their Responsibility

If your teen is resistant to basic teen hygiene like showering or using deodorant don’t just plead or nag.

Explain that taking care of himself is a responsibility, just like other household duties. Just as he is supposed to keep his room clean or walk the dog or empty the dishwasher, he now has to look after his hygiene. If he doesn’t, there should be clear consequences, like revoked privileges.

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Mornings No Longer a Quick Dash

tween looking in the mirror

You will find that more time is now spent on school mornings in front of the bathroom mirror, than they did in the entire last 10 years. They examine every inch of their skin for blemishes and smooth every bump out of their hair or set it hard with styling products.

For girls you may find that they now have at least 3 types of brushes and most have hair straighteners, curling wands and other hair styling implements. And they spend hours teasing their locks in front of the mirror (or looking at themselves via their smartphone) to get them just so. Between getting ready for school and perfecting the selfie look, they will spend a lot of time there!

Make sure their alarm is set early enough to allow this extra preening time!

Over to you now. What’s been your experience of hygiene for teens in your house? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below. 

Good Hygiene for Teens

Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!

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