Mykidstime 21 Day Fitness Challenge – Day 1 Getting Started!

Well done! You’ve decided to join us for our 21 day fitness challenge! We are going to start you off easy today – grab a towel, bottle of water and here we go! Day 1! 

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Welcome to day 1 guys! The first of our 21 day fitness challenge. Below are today’s exercises. We have 5 exercises which each last 30 seconds before taking 30 seconds break and moving to the next exercise. On completion of the final exercise, take 30 seconds rest before returning to the first exercise and completing 2 more rounds for 3 rounds total. Let’s go!

Push Ups

Position hands beneath shoulders with elbows, and wrists in line with one another, and your back flat. Keeping body straight, lower body to floor by bending arms. Push body up until arms are extended. * Complete on the knees if you can not complete the full exercise.

Plank Push Ups

Begin in high plank position. Your shoulders, elbows, and wrists are in line with one another, and your back is flat, creating a flat line from the top of your head to your heels.
Control onto your elbow with the other following, keeping a flat line through the full motion. Return to start position and repeat.

Reverse Lunges

Stand with feet together. Step backward with one foot, keeping your back upright as you slowly bend and lower the back knee towards the floor. At the same time bend the front knee, making sure it doesn’t go past your toes. Don’t let the back knee touch the floor before returning to the starting position.

Plank Knee Cross

Begin in high plank position. Your shoulders, elbows, and wrists are in line with one another, and your back is flat, creating a flat line from the top of your head to your heels. Bring one knee up and across your body before returning to start position and repeating with opposite knee.


Stand with feet hip distance apart with your toes, knees and hips in a straight line. Slowly lower your body, as though you are sitting in a chair (ass out the back!). Lower until your butt is in line with your knees, make sure your knees are BEHIND your toes.(If you can’t go down that low, go as low as you can). Keeping the weight in your heels, push back up into start position and repeat.

We’d love to know how you found this first Day of our challenge, so please let us know in the comments below and if you have any questions for Dan you can Snapchat Dan @Dansweeneypt or tweet him @Dansweeneypt or email him.

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  1. Waiting for my appetizers and between thought to search internet. But looking at this I am not really eager on snacks any more. Here I go.

  2. maria breen murphy says:

    Just saw this and decided its time to get fit,dishing up the dinner,putting on my runners and have roped a pal in to join me…fitness here we come!!!

  3. Jenny Garrett says:

    Just finished my 1st day, actually did a 40 mins walk…it’s just the way the loop works. Full of energy now…long may it continue.

  4. Denise says:

    Completed my Day 1 challenge this morning, felt great as I surprised myself by being able for it. Roll on Day 2!

  5. Magda says:

    Done! I actually walk to work everyday and it takes me 35 mins of brisk walking so this challenge was easy 🙂 looking forward to tomorrow’s one.

  6. jackie says:

    Feeling great. Looking for this workout in ages. Thanks

  7. Heike says:

    I will give it a go. Was planning to do a 5k run this year so this will get me ready 🙂

  8. caroline o brien says:

    did it, but find I am getting a cramp in my right leg, not sure why.

  9. Liz Healy says:

    Loving the challenge, completed day 1 this morning……bring on day 2…

  10. Finnuala says:

    Job done, feeling great.

  11. Rachel says:

    I took the dog for a walk this lunchtime so made up the 30 minutes that way!

  12. Fiona Duggan says:

    Started my 11 year old son & 8 year old daughter along with myself. … This year’s challenge. ..

  13. Geraldine Costello says:

    Thanks so much for this post! Really helped me get going!

  14. Jill Holtz says:

    Did the same Fiona 8 year old took her bike, 12 year old went the opposite way on the loop so she couldn listen to music 🙂

  15. Michelle McGettigan says:

    Day 1 completed with the help of my happy dog. We both chilled out for the rest of the day 🙂

  16. Trish O Mahony says:

    So far so good!

  17. Did my walk this morning – can’t do the plank due to back problem

  18. Maria McKevitt says:

    Gonna take the girls out on their bikes and me walking beside them later, get them all some fresh air!!

  19. Josephine says:

    Good to get moving, even if there’s a storm blowing outside!

  20. gormant says:

    Delighted to have completed day 1 -on wards from here

    1. Jill Holtz says:

      Keep it up, it’s worth it!