Mykidstime 21 Day Health & Fitness Challenge – Let’s Get Started!

Jill Holtz

April 11, 2022

Health and Fitness Challenge

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Well done – you’ve decided to join us for the Mykidstime 21 day health and fitness challenge! If you are wondering what you’ve let yourself in for, don’t worry, you are in safe hands!

Our health and wellbeing expert, Fiona O’Donnell, explains what is going to be involved and what to expect in the video below. We want you to tell us during the challenge how you are getting on so tag us on social using #mkt21days and we’ll give you some encouragement! 

Introduction to the MyKidsTime Health & Fitness Challenge

Welcome to our 21 day health fitness challenge! Fitness, health and wellness advocate Fiona O’Donnell introduces the challenge here, which aims to help you get active, become stronger, eat more healthily, and develop a routine that you can maintain.

Hello everybody and welcome to this 21 day challenge! My name is Fiona O’Donnell and I’m here to bring you through a series of tasks over the next 21 days that are going to bring you towards a point of feeling your absolute best.

Now I know you might think that over the course of 21 days it’s going to be difficult to make too much of a difference to your health and wellness, but I guarantee you that if you’re consistent with your application, you will make serious gains towards feeling more mobile, more comfortable in your gut amongst other things.

So the way this challenge is going to work is that over the next 21 days I am going to post a task for you. Now that task isn’t going to take you 25 minutes, I’m not going to ask you to prepare three-course gourmet meals. I’m going to ask you to reflect on your behaviours, because ultimately we can make these changes over the next 21 days, but unless you’re reflecting on each of the behaviours you’re engaging with, you’re not going to have learned something.

And what we want to do with this challenge is not just add 21 days of doing stuff into your life, we want you to walk away at the end knowing what to do going forward, having a clear idea of how you might like to progress.

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We’re all busy and I’m very, very understanding of the fact that time is short – it’s one of our most precious commodities – so I’m going to ask you to give just five minutes a day to your daily task. Some of you might even stretch it out to 10 minutes, some of you might magically find an extra 15 minutes in your day to engage in these tasks, but the minimum I’m asking you to engage is just five minutes. You can watch the video each day, set your timer and once that five minutes goes off, you’re done!

Let’s get going and if you are looking for a little bit of accountability, tag me in your activity at on Instagram

If you have any questions throughout the Challenge, email Fiona or send her a message on InstagramFacebook and use hashtag #mkt21days to let us know how you are getting on with the Challenge!

Mykidstime 21 Day Health and Fitness Challenge

Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!

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