How One Family is Affecting Change for One Parent Families

Robyn Hamilton

July 1, 2021

one family

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Each month we shine a spotlight on a different family-centred Irish charity as part of our Charity of the Year series. This month, we’re showcasing the great work of One Family.

Today in Ireland, 1 in 4 families with children is a one-parent family. Though immensely rewarding and fulfilling, at Mykidstime we know only too well that parenting can also be all-consuming, difficult and demanding. Parenting requires a lot of patience and support that can be made all the more challenging when you’re doing it on your own.

One Family understands these challenges and exists to offer that support to one-parent families in a number of different ways. The charitable organisation works to affect positive change and achieve equality and social inclusion for all one-parent families in Ireland.

How One Family Provides Support to One-Parent Families

One Family believes in an Ireland where every family is cherished equally and enjoys the social, financial and legal equality to create their own positive futures.

The organisation works to ensure a positive and equal future for all members of all one-parent families in Ireland by changing attitudes, services, policies and lives. Together with these families and those working with them, One Family is committed to achieving equality and respect for all families.

In addition to striving for fundamental structural change, they support individual families parenting through times of family, work and life change, and those experiencing a crisis pregnancy. One Family recognises that every family is unique, and so they work in a family-centred way to bring about better lives for parents and children.

Supporting Families Through a Range of Crucial Services

One Family offers a range of services designed specifically to help guide and support one-parent families. These include:

  • a dedicated helpline for listening support and information
  • a counselling service
  • unplanned pregnancy support and information
  • parenting mentoring
  • a range of courses and workshops for people parenting alone who are looking to access education and work; for parents experiencing challenges and change; and for professional development.
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How One Family Raise Funds for Their Invaluable Work

Most of the charity’s income comes from a range of statutory agencies through service agreements, grants and project funding. They also gratefully receive donations and hold fundraising events with support from the public and the private sector.

Get Help from One Family

If you’re in a one-parent family and would like to know more, check out the charity’s website and find their list of supports and resources here.

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Like this? Share it with your network!

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