The 12 Laws of Christmas for Parents

Jill Holtz

November 25, 2015

christmas for parents

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There are some things that are just inevitable for parents at Christmas! You know those things that you really do not want to happen, but despite your best efforts, they always seem to anyhow! Here are the 12 Laws of Christmas for Parents:

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1. Your child will demand every single toy they see on TV or in the toy shop or in the toy catalog.

2. There will be a last minute rewrite of the Santa Letter.

3. The one toy your child desperately wants will be the one toy every child desperately wants and that there is an international shortage of.

4. You will need to move the hidden Christmas presents at least once around the house.

5. There will be at least one missing part in the toy that needs assembling on Christmas Eve.

christmas for parents6. You will run out of wrapping paper or cellotape on Christmas Eve.

7. You will run out of an essential grocery item late on Christmas Eve.

8. The kids won’t go to sleep until after midnight on Christmas Eve.

9. The kids will wake up at 2 am on Christmas Day.

10. The Christmas carols played endlessly will grate on your nerves in shops.

11. There will be one Christmas card that arrives from someone you didn’t send a card to, too late to reciprocate.

12. There will be nothing as nice as the excitement on your child’s face on Christmas morning.

Over to you now, do you have any inevitables for Christmas for parents to add? Share them with us in the comments below.

christmas for parents

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