The All Weather Laundry Solution Every Home Needs


September 18, 2017

clothes dryer clothesline canopies the perfect outdoor clothes dryer

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Clothesline Canopies offers the perfect all weather laundry solution for drying clothes and let’s face it, when you live with a climate like the one we have here in Ireland, you need all the help you can get! We caught up with owner of Outdoor Canopies, Tadhg McCarthy to find out more about his innovative all weather laundry solution every home needs for drying clothes – Clothesline Canopies.

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What are Clothesline Canopies?

Clothesline Canopies are an all weather covered clothesline that ensures freshly dried laundry all year round. It eliminates the costly tumble dryer and the unsightly clotheshorse or clothes languishing on radiators. It is the perfect laundry solution for drying clothes in the Irish weather, a “must have” for every busy household and also good for the environment!

Who are Clothesline Canopies For?

We think Clothesline Canopies are a must have for every household as they;

    • Ensure your clothes dry outdoors regardless of the weather or time of year.
    • Save you money on your energy bills – you will rarely need to use your tumber dryer.
    • Are environmentally friendly.
    • Get rid of clothes drying indoors on a clothes horse or draped over radiators, reducing the risk of mildew and damp.
    • Have multiple lines so you can hang a large amount of clothes out at one time.

What Makes Clothesline Canopies Different from Traditional Clotheslines?

clothes dryer from clothesline canopies hanging clothes outdoors

      • Unlike traditional clotheslines, having the clothesline canopy means you can dry clothes at any time of year, in all weather conditions.
      • The canopy also protects your lines, keeping them clean, and protects your pegs and clothes from birds and bird droppings.
      • They are super strong and have been designed to withstand stormy weather, which can sometimes damage traditional freestanding or rotary clotheslines.
      • They take up less space than most traditional clothes lines, and with multiple lines, allow you to hang more clothes.
      • They come as a flatpack option with free delivery nationwide or you can have them installed by Outdoor Canopies.
      • They come with a 5 year guarantee.
      • They are made by an Irish company.

Sum Up Clothesline Canopies in 5 Words

Saves time, money and energy!

Over to you now. Have you bought a Clothesline Canopy? Tell us how you like it in the comments below. 

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Like this? Share it with your network!


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