The Benefits of Taekwondo for Children

Jill Holtz

October 20, 2011

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Have you been thinking about a martial arts class for your child? In this article, Lisa Connolly, 3rd degree Black belt, explains the benefits of Taekwondo for children

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What is Tae kwon-Do?

Tae kwon-Do is a Korean self-defence system and martial art. However, it is so much more than that. Ask any of our students training and they will inform you that it builds self confidence, develops excellent all round fitness, improves co-ordination significantly and increases flexibility.

From the training involved, mental discipline, motivation, determination and patience is developed. It instils in the student a desire to be a better person, and to respect and help other people.

In particular, in this day and age, it teaches children about delayed gratification and goal focus, as a system of ranking is in place to pave the path from white belt (beginner) to black belt level.

Tae kwon-Do Classes

Classes are filled with positive affirmations, applause and encouragement, where children learn that there are no limits to what they can be, or can do in life. The instructors constantly work to better themselves both mentally and physically.

This helps ensure that they offer a safe and rewarding, relationship-building environment for children to learn to express themselves and channel their energy into a positive activity.

Lisa Connolly is a full-time Tae kwon-do instructor. She is a former Irish and British champion, whose real love is teaching and mentoring children. She does this in partnership with Shane Fitzgibbon, 5th degree black belt. Together they teach classes all over Co. Galway.

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