Tips for getting Baby’s First Shoes

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Have you been wondering when you should get Baby’s first shoes?  In this article, The Good Foot Clinic passes along tips for getting Baby’s First Shoes.

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A common question from parents is when to buy Baby’s first shoes? We advise letting the child be able to pull themselves up on their own and be moving FREELY around the furniture before putting them into shoes.

It’s an emotional moment seeing your child in their first pair of walking shoes, but make sure they combine style, quality and fit.

Never compromise on fit, because a toddler’s nerve endings are not developed yet so they may not notice a painful constriction, and may not be able to complain even if they do.

At this young age, the bones in their feet are not fully formed, so it’s vital to get things right to give them the best chance of trouble-free feet for life and to choose shoes designed specially for this stage.

Here are some important things to look for:

  • A selection of colours and styles – children love bright colours, and parents like their kids to look good
  • Secure fasteners so that your child does not have to curl their toes to keep their shoes on properly
  • Softest leather uppers so that they don’t rub, and mould to the contours of the feet
  • High quality leather for maximum durability
  • Breathable linings for increased comfort, allowing perspiration to escape through the surface of the shoe
  • Lightweight, flexible non-slip soles so walking feels natural to the toddler, because it’s difficult enough getting around anyway!
  • A shoe designed to match the shape of a child’s foot, with a wide front and narrow heel
  • Built in growing room around the toes to allow for growth.

At this age, children’s feet can grow really quickly so you should plan to check the fit of the shoes every 6 – 8 weeks.

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Tips from The Good Foot Shop in Donegal.

Has your baby got their first pair of shoes? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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  • Thanks for the useful tips here. It's really important to choose a perfect shoes for your baby. The size and quality of the shoes really matters. It should fit perfectly fit to their feet, it shouldn't be so loose or even too tight.

  • Good post but I think “quality and fit” should be much more important than style! Kids are learning to walk so comfort and quality should be the primary concern.

    I agree with everything else though.


  • This is exactly the piece of information I have been looking for! My baby is not the regular-sized type she’s two sizes bigger for age so I often have a hard time finding a good pair. 🙁

  • Great tips looking for an easy shoe for little kid or baby. My niece has chunky feet and its challenging to find shoes for her sometime.