[WATCH] Why Everybody Has a Part to Play in Helping to Say No To Bullying

say no to bullying

What would you do if you witnessed a child being bullied? Watch this powerful video from UP TV which reminds us Why Everybody Has a Part to Play in Helping to Say No To Bullying:

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In the video, directed and produced by Rob Bliss, a hidden camera captures the reactions of adults who watch a child being bullied by her classmates. While the children in the video were actors and the scene was staged, Bliss says that the reactions from real people were completely authentic.


UP TV created the video as part of their “Stand UP Against Bullying” campaign which started on Oct. 5, as part of National Bullying Prevention Month. At least 1 in 3 kids will be bullied during school. The mission of the campaign is to “remind people to uplift someone” by standing up against bullying whenever they see it.

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