WATCH: Three Sticks Game = Geometry Made Fun (We Promise!)

three sticks game

2 years ago, Rohini Deepthi and her husband Pramod started an educational firm called Kitki, with the aim to transform learning into an enjoyable experience. Find out about their new board game for kids and adults, the Three Sticks game, that may revolutionise how you think about geometry!

After several months of research and testing, they created a board game called Three Sticks, a creative and challenging board game based on geometry.


Players are challenged to think creatively and use only three types of sticks to create geometric shapes. In each turn, players add two sticks to the board and earn points for the shapes created. With compelling game mechanics and exciting surprises, Three Sticks is a promising entertainer for both kids and adults.

Find out more and support their crowd funding campaign at

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Did you enjoy geometry at school? Think this game might have made it more fun? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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