[WATCH] How TV Shows Can Bring Parents and Teenagers Closer

netflix what should parents watch

Sometimes parenting a teen can feel like a complete minefield. You don’t have much in common, they think you’re uncool, it’s hard to get your teen to open up to you as they navigate their way through teen-hood and you navigate your way through parenting a teen. One of the things I do bond with my teen daughter over is new TV shows that we both enjoy (whether we watch them separately or together). Watch How TV Shows can Bring Parents and Teenagers Closer:

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In an effort to find common ground between the illusive teen and the bond-seeking parent, Netflix has found that entertainment is one way of cracking the code.


What happens when these parents watch the shows that their teens are watching? Maybe not surprisingly, real conversation and dialogue takes place that involves more than just one word replies.

Discover what happens when parents watch the same shows and have a chat with their teen about the show:

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And if you’re wondering where to start, we like this nifty guide that Netflix have created for what parents should watch.

(By the way, Gilmore Girls, Party of Five and Stranger Things have been fun for me to share and compare with my daughter, in case you’re wondering what we’ve chatted about.)

netflix what should parents watch

Over to you now. Have you watched shows together or separately and then discussed with your teen? Do you think sharing opinions on TV and movies can bring parents and teenagers closer? Share your experience in the comments below. 

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