Yoga for Pre & Post Pregnancy


November 15, 2011

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If you have been considering yoga during your pregnancy or even as something to do with your new baby, this article explains the benefits of Pregnancy Yoga to mums with bumps and with babies.

An Ancient System of Self Care

yogaYoga offer us so much as it is an ancient and effective system of self care. The aim of yoga is a sense of union between the individual being and the vital lifeforce that animates the universe in which we live.

When we start on a yoga journey we become aware of our bodies, mental wellbeing, emotions and spiritual self.

The breathing techniques, physical asana practices and relaxation-meditation help with

  • energy levels
  • improved immunity
  • restful sleep
  • better digestion,
  • greater range of movement
  • stronger more flexible and balanced bodies.

Yoga works on strength, flexibility, and balance.

Helping to Deal with a Major Life Change

When we embark on the journey of pregnancy and birth it is a major life change. Pregnancy is a period of daily change in the physical bodies of mother and unborn child.

Yoga is of great practical assistance during this time as its techniques of breath (pranyamana), asana physical practices, meditation and relaxation support the adaptation to pregnancy with ease and comfort.

  • pregnantbumpThe physical practices strengthens the legs, rotation of the joints and movements, stretches for back, shoulders, head really are practical help in pregnancy.
  • The breathing techniques help stay calm and focused which really benefit the labour.
  • It’s also a chance to meet other pregnant women and this contact can continue in mother and baby classes.
  • Meeting in mother and baby classes offers support of new mothers to each other, a social contact that is also there outside class.

Post-Natal Benefits of Yoga

The gentler physical movements are beneficial in post natal weeks, a time to stretch and strengthen as the new mother returns to physical strength.

The baby exercises are gently stimulating to encourage the infants basic motor skills, and vision.

As a new mom connecting mind and body and breath, helping you to cope and to truly experience this journey into motherhood.

The groups of new mothers and babies start and continue friendships and bonds for life.

Hari om

This article was contributed by Antoinnette Butler Mulcaire who has been a yoga teacher for over 14 years in Ennis, County Clare.

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