You Know You are a Mom When …….


We asked Mykidstime Mums to share their thoughts on being a mother! We loved the answers!

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Did anything on our “You Know You are a Mom when…” list ring a bell? What do you think about being a Mum? Tell us in the comments below!


  • Tina Lynch

    You prefer a Saturday night on the couch with a take away and bottle of wine than dress up in uncomfortable heels and go clubbing…

  • you know your a mum when… you only have time to shave one leg!

  • Lauren s

    Every pocket or every bag compartment you have has a dummy in it x

  • teresa

    When your checking the soles of your socks before going to ‘jungle joes’

  • Amber Brownlee

    When you walk around the house humming the words to Winnie the Pooh.