Beaches in North Dublin


October 20, 2014

dollymount strand

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Looking for a beach on Dublin’s North Side? There are 2 main beaches in North Dublin city: Sutton Beach and Dollymount Strand.

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Sutton Beach

The Burrow Beach in Sutton is a beautiful place with its fine views of Ireland’s Eye and Lambay Island further up the coast. On a clear day the mountains of Mourne that ‘sweep down to the sea’ can be enjoyed.

The beach is easily accessed and Sutton town is served by the No. 31 and No. 31B bus service from Dublin City Centre or by DART to Sutton.

Dollymount Strand

dollymount strand

Dollymount Strand is a popular location for people who enjoy walking and recreation. Walking of dogs is also a popular activity but these are kept under tight control due to the Wildlife Reserve. Dollymount Strand is located approximately 5 minutes by DART from Connolly Train Station to Clontarf.

Ideas for Fun at the Beach

  • Collecting sea shells
  • Sandcastle competition
  • Beachball/Frisbee Tournament
  • Treasure Hunt: see who can find hidden shells/sticks etc
  • Play ‘I SPY’
  • Have a little paddle in the sea
  • Have a picnic
  • Take turns taking photographs, print them out at home and put them in a scrapbook as a reminder of the day out.
  • Beach bowling: take along a ball, make pins out of sand.

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Have you been to Sutton or Dollymount? Tell us about it in the comments below.



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