12 Money Saving Tips for Christmas You Can’t Afford to Miss

Jill Holtz

November 25, 2021

money saving tips for christmas

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Looking to keep the budget down for Christmas this year? These money saving tips for Christmas may just come in handy!

Christmas is of course an expensive time of year for many families, between all the presents and gifts, food, drink, never mind filling those stockings! So anything that helps to keep the costs down for Christmas is a welcome resource. While not everything will work for all of us, making some small changes can really help to reduce your final costs.

Practical Money Saving Tips for Christmas

Christmas is of course an expensive time of year between all the presents and gifts, food, drink, never mind filling those stockings! So anything that helps to keep the costs down for Christmas is a good thing in my book.

Reduce Your Gift List

Have you found your Christmas gift list has grown each year – friends of the kids, cousins you sometimes see, neighbours, colleagues and so on.

Consider a ‘Secret Santa’ or ‘kids only’ idea within your family or friend group which can really keep costs down if you have a large extended family or number of friends you usually buy for. One substantial gift is often more popular than numerous small ones, and it also frees up your time too with less presents to buy!

Agree a price limit for each present to help keep the cost down too.

Check Where You Can Earn Rewards

Check what cashback cards or apps you can use to save up rewards as you go. Many of the stores and supermarkets we visit regularly offer some kind of loyalty scheme or offers and vouchers. These can really help to reduce the costs of both gift and food purchases.

Have Fun with Homemade Gifts

It’s fun to make gifts for people, and the kids will enjoy helping – plus they are more personal too.

Last year my daughter and I made stuffed owls and birds for her cousins from a pattern I had found online. I sewed and she stuffed and we had a great time together.

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Use Up Vouchers

If you have loyalty vouchers from supermarkets and other shops plan to use them for Christmas shopping. Or check and see if you have any gift vouchers that haven’t been used from last Christmas. Many people forget to use them during the year and often they have a time limit too.

Spread Your Spending

Once you have a list of your Christmas spending, whether that is gifts or food, plan your spending accordingly.

Many of us get caught up in doing a big “Christmas food shop” in the last days before Christmas, and yet there is scope to do this for weeks beforehand. Buy one or two non-perishables (tinned goods, sweet treats, drinks, etc) in each weekly shop in the weeks or months beforehand. By the time Christmas comes around, you will have a ready stock of festive items, leaving the perishables for nearer the day itself.

Save on Wrapping Paper

Reuse last year’s paper if you have saved some or be creative with cheaper materials to wrap presents in. Check out our Christmas wrapping ideas to see how you can transform a gift with simple paper, or try something creative!

Tip for this year’s Christmas: keep the best of the wrapping paper and put it aside with your Christmas decorations to reuse next year.

“I use brown paper and cheap red ribbon for a rustic look” – Tara G

Reuse or Make Gift Bags

Save all the gift bags from this year’s Christmas and put aside with your decorations for reusing next year.

“Make gift bags out of cereal boxes, cover with paper and add ribbon handles by punching holes in the box.” Perfecthousewife

Make Homemade Cards and Gift Tags

You can pick up cheap construction paper or light cardboard and glitter for less than some packs of Christmas Cards. The kids will have fun and the cards will be more personal as well. Or save last year’s cards and cut out the fun parts to stick to new cards for next year’s cards.

For gift tags, take a look at these great (and easy) homemade ideas!


Our 8-week Christmas planner makes getting organised for Christmas a breeze. It’s free to download and print, we’ve even added to do lists and spaces for things to remember!

christmas planner

Make Christmas Decorations

“We have fun making decorations from Cheerios and Popcorn for the Christmas tree, fun for the kids to do” – Denise C

Use Outlets or Discount Stores

Outlet malls or villages and discount chains like TK Maxx carry the brands but at lower prices. TK Maxx also has food items and kitchen goodies which can make nice presents as well as the clothes and handbags.

Make Delicious Presents

Everyone loves goodies at Christmas time so get baking with the kids, it’s a fun activity and you can make some lovely foodie presents for people.

“We bake presents eg sweets, biscuits and cakes.” Audrey G

Avoid Impulse Buying when Food Shopping

It’s easy to get sucked into buying extras when doing your Christmas Food shopping, especially when you’re rushing and have a lot to get through.

“Make a food shopping list and stick to your list.” Tracey C

Don’t Focus Only on Christmas Day

You can pick up some great bargains in the sales after Christmas Day, so if you have a big purchase in mind for a gift for a loved one, why not make a nice voucher to give them in their card promising to take them shopping in the sales and they can choose what they want too.

12 Money Saving Tips for Christmas You Can't Afford to Miss – Mykidstime

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