15 Inspiring Teen Bedroom Ideas They Will Actually Love

Jill Holtz

January 26, 2015

teen bedroom ideas

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Your teen has outgrown their kiddie bedroom and desperately needs a more sophisticated room – a room they will genuinely want to bring their friends to! Here are 15 Inspiring Teen Bedroom Ideas they will actually love, and which will easily help you turn their room into their dream teen bedroom:

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#1. Paint a Section on a Wall as a Headboard

Headboards can be expensive, so this is a simple way to create a headboard effect and keep the cost down at the same time. The built in storage drawers on this platform for the bed are a neat trick too.

teen bedroom ideas


#2. Build a Platform

Not only does this platform design have a bed that rolls out and can be tucked away during daytime but it also incorporates bookcases and storage drawers. And the main platform is a hang out space then with cushions and beanbags.

teen bedroom ideas

Image found on Pinterest

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#3. Paint the Bed

Go for a darker colour for the bed for a more grown up, sophisticated accent in the room. The colour orange has been used to contrast the dark bed, bringing a splash of brightness to this room with the orange chair and bed linens. The 3 lightbulbs hanging down are a cool light feature too.

teen bedroom ideas

Rafa Kids

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#4. Use Grids On The Wall

Make a grid on the wall either with MDF or with decorating tape to mark out a grid that can then be filled with decorative items or different colours or patterns. We like the way they incorporated a pin board on one grid area too.

teen bedroom ideas


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#5. Plan Plenty of Storage

Build in plenty of storage options into your teen’s room. Cube dividers can be a good way of storing favourite items and making a feature at the same time.

teen bedroom ideas

Better Homes and Gardens

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#6. Use Lighting to Make a Feature Corner

In this room, an eave wall has been turned into a feature corner and a nice dressing area by papering the wall as a contrast to the rest of the room and adding nice lighting. As well as fairy lights attached to the wall, they have also used a standing light feature for better light for checking the makeup at the dressing table.

teen bedroom ideas


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#7. Lift the Bed Up

If you’re tight for space, then lift the bed up to create space underneath that can be used.

teen bedroom ideas


#8. Make a Dedicated Study Spot

On most teen’s list for their room is somewhere to study. This example is actually from a home office but we like the way the mini filing cabinet gives storage and the pictures some inspiration as you’re at your laptop.

teen bedroom ideas


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#9. Make a Simple but Effective Light Feature

String different shaped paper lightshades together to make a feature for the ceiling.

teen bedroom ideas


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#10. Keep the Decor Simple if Space is Tight

If your teen has a very small room then keep the decor very simple. Cath Kidston style fabrics have been used for the blind and duvet cover in this example, while the rest of the room has been kept white. Doubling up a chair as a bedside table also helps keep space to a premium.

small and simple

Image on Pinterest

#11. Use an Accent Colour With Matching Accessories

An accent wall has been painted and then accessories including picture frame and lampshade have been matched in shades that go with the wall colour. Even the drawer handle has been painted to match making a very complete look.

This room also maximises small space with a narrow but neat desk, seating area by the window with storage underneath, and the bunk bed with hanging storage underneath.

teen bedroom ideas


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#12. Add a Pinboard to a Desk

This cool desk has added functionality with a bright pinboard at the back which also saves having the pinboard on another wall space.

teen bedroom ideas


#13. Separate the Room into Different Zones

If you have the space in the room, then create distinct zones for different purposes. E.g. sleep, store, study, chill.



#14. Use Frames and Mirrors as Key Features

Use different sized frames painted in the same colour with a mirror to create a feature on the wall. It could be favourite words or pieces of your teen’s art or their own favourite artists. Or just left blank as a talking point.

teen bedroom ideas


#15. Reconsider Bunk Beds

You may have got rid of bunk beds when they were younger but reconsider them for a teen room, as they save space and your teen will often want to have a friend stay over. The striped ceiling with dark walls works really well in this teen room, with a contrasting striped rug on the floor too.

teen bedroom ideas


More great ideas on our Ideas for Parents of Teens board on Pinterest

Tips for Redecorating your Teen’s Room

  1. Set a budget.
  2. Evaluate what they have and what can be re-purposed in the room.
  3. Often childhood furniture is too small so budget for new bed and storage.
  4. Plan the room out allowing different zones for different activities if you have the space, eg sleep, study, chill out.
  5. See what you can reuse from elsewhere in the house.
  6. Let your teen decide on the main wall colour (they’re the ones who are going to have to live in it).
  7. Once you have wall colour you can then match duvet covers and accessories.

More good advice here from Cathy Wolfram, parent and interior designer on Adoreyourplace.com.

Over to you now. What’s your best tip for redecorating a teen room? We’d love to hear it! Share in the comments below.

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