9 of the Neatest Room Decor Ideas for a Child-friendly Home

room decor ideas

Feel like you need some ideas for improving your house decor yet still keeping it child-friendly? Here are 9 of the Neatest Room Decor Ideas for a Child-friendly Home:

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#1. Make Good Use of Behind Door Space

Build some slim shelving to hold books behind doors to make use of the wasted space and give additional book storage.

behind the door book storage

Image found on Pinterest 

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#2. Blackboard in the Kitchen

Adding a blackboard in your kitchen gives you space to write reminders, grocery lists or a quote to inspire everyone or even the Wifi code!

room decor ideas


You can buy blackboard paint on Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com.

#3. Cookie Cutter Storage

Keep your cookie cutters handy with this cheap and simple kitchen storage idea from Better Homes and Gardens. Use a paper towel holder to store your cookie cutters and if you have a large collection, you could group them by theme and use a different holder for each grouping, or change them seasonally.

room decor ideas


#4. Funky Wall Features

Create some interesting wall features and also storage for your child’s endless “things” with some mini colourful buckets attached to the wall. Perfect for pencils and colouring materials over desk areas.

room decor ideas


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#5. Tuck Toys Away

Turn a IKEA Expedit bookcase on its side with baskets or tubs for toy storage. Double up or triple up depending on the space you have to increase storage and make a nice visual centrepiece to your room.

expeditbookshelves 2sisters2cities.com

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#6. Under Bed Options

This underbed Play Table with Drawers is a great solution for smaller bedrooms. The table will fit under most beds and rolls out easily.

underbed storage

Available from www.gltc.co.uk

#7. Magazine Holders for Prioritising Paperwork

Fix Magazine holders or wire baskets to the wall by the home desk space to organise school notes, your bills or other items that seem to gather around the home, and keep them safe and tidied away from smaller hands.

This tip from Better Homes and Gardens is to label baskets e.g. Do Later, Do Now to help prioritise what you need to do and not get overwhelmed.

room decor ideas


#8. After School Drop Zone

Make an After School Drop Zone area with hooks for school bags, noticeboards with initials to pin notes and reminders too and maybe even cube storage to stick shoes into in the hallway or utility room.

room decor ideas

Image found on Pinterest

#9. Use Cup Hooks to Keep Keys Handy

Screw cup hooks into a shallow cupboard near your main door with labels to make finding keys easy.

Use adhesive backed hooks to store umbrellas, shopping bags etc.

room decor ideas


Over to you now! Any room decor ideas that are also child-friendly? Share them with us in the comments below

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