Budget-Friendly Baby Room Ideas for Your New Arrival

Caroline Kelly

May 6, 2021

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Looking for baby room ideas to update your nursery? Want to have it looking amazing for when you come home with your little one? The arrival of a new baby is an exciting but often expensive time. We have teamed up with Wall Stickers for Kids to bring you 9 baby room ideas that are perfect for your new arrival.

Creating the Perfect Nursery

There are so many ways to create an amazing nursery on a budget for your little bundle of joy, from furniture and lighting to paint and soft furnishings.

Perhaps you are looking for a neutral option with scope to accessorise, or maybe bold colours to stimulate your baby’s development. If you know your baby’s gender, you may choose to go with a specific colour palette, or instead something themed like farm animals and teddy bears!

Along with researching online to get some ideas for this new and exciting room in your home, talk to friends and family with young children for their tried-and-tested tips on what works for them (and what didn’t).

Don’t worry, there is plenty of time to decide. We know how important this space is to you as you prepare to bring home your new little one, so our baby room ideas outlined below give you the option to easily update elements as he or she grows and moves on to toddlerhood – and beyond!

For now, get comfortable and read on and hopefully you will find some inspirational baby room ideas here.

Beautiful Baby Room Ideas

Go Neutral

Wall Stickers for Kids Personalised

It can be very tempting to go all out when it comes to a nursery, particularly if you know the gender of your new baby. However the benefits to using neutral colours are many.

A light, neutral colour can be matched with any furniture. You can make it more personal using rugs, soft furnishing, curtains and other accessories that are inexpensive to change later.

Let There Be Light

There are many ways to bring light into a room and a beautiful light shade can add interest and personalise the space. If you are lucky enough to know anyone crafty, or have a really good craft shop local to you, they can advise on how straightforward it can be to create your own.

A lamp provides some soft lighting that can be useful when you are up during the night, but keep an eye on the cord once your baby starts rolling and crawling.

Be Choosy

When it comes to kitting out your new nursery, you may be bamboozled with advertisements for baby this, that and the other that promises to make life easier. There is really no difference between a baby’s dresser and a normal dresser, except perhaps the inflated price tag!

A good drawer unit or wardrobe could be repurposed from another room. Local selling groups are great places to discover really good quality, hardly used items such as nursing chairs.

Work the Walls

Wall Stickers for Kids Personalised

One of the best ways to brighten up any room is with some wall decor – a picture, splash of contrasting colour or some wall stickers or decals.

Wall Stickers for Kids has an amazing array of choice when it comes to stickers and decals, ranging from animal and farm themes to unicorns and space adventures and everything in between. They also have a great choice of personalised name stickers which are the perfect finishing touch for a nursery, play room or child’s bedroom.

Instant Makeover!

Wallstickersforkids.ie is a multi award-winning company and the largest online store in Ireland for removable wall stickers and wall decals for kids! With great offers such as 3 for €30, the personalised and themed wall stickers are a great way to add instant flair!

Add Some Storage

Baskets, shelves, storage cubes…don’t forget to think about storage. This could be for teddy bears, toys, books or even nappies and changing supplies.

Keeping things out of baby’s reach, while still organised will make life an awful lot easier.

Consider a Splash of Colour

If you have decided to go with a neutral colour palette for the walls, consider a splash of colour to bring a new dimension to the space.

You can bring colour and pattern into the room in lots of ways, from cushions, blankets and sheets to a rug or some wall art. The great thing about using accessories for colour is that they can be changed when your child (or you) outgrow them, or when interests change.

Getting creative with colour – or even shades of the same colour – can add texture and cosiness to the room too. Patterns on the curtains can be a nice way to break up a solid wall colour, or you could opt for a fun blind to help darken the room for naptime.

Cosy Toes

Wall Stickers for Kids Personalised

Whether you already have carpet in the room or not, a rug is a great addition that doesn’t have to break the bank.

Not only is it a fantastic way to incorporate colour and texture, it can also create a cosy little space for tummy time and play.

Create a Family Gallery

A great way to personalise a baby room is to create a family gallery. You could do this by mounting some framed photos, or make a real feature with a photo clothesline to hang photos.

We used one in my son’s room when he was a baby and hung smiling photos of grandparents, ourselves, his cousins and they were a great way to interact with him as he grew. This is a great way for baby to get used to seeing faces of family members, particularly if they don’t get to visit often.

Get Hooked

Hooks are not only functional, but a great way to display items like a favourite outfit, a small basket with baby items, baby’s towel, and plenty more. When the floor is clear, then the room feels tidy!

Small Things, Big Difference

Sometimes big isn’t always better and small things can make a big impact. For example, a beautiful picture book or a pretty print on your curtains. These are things to consider when looking at the overall room. Little pops of colour, smiling photos, gift books or blankets from family can all give a room great personality – along with your little person of course!

Budget-Friendly Baby Room Ideas for Your New Arrival - Mykidstime

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