7 Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Playroom


February 4, 2021

easy ways to spruce up your playroom

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Are you looking for ways to spruce up your playroom? Is the playroom more of a dumping ground than a place the kids want to play? Maybe you have space for a play area rather than a whole room and want to make it feel special. Help is on hand. We have teamed up with Wall Stickers For Kids to bring you 7 easy ways to spruce up your playroom that will have the kids wanting to spend time in it!

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If you are lucky enough to have a playroom, they are perfect for keeping toys, games and clutter out of sight. But do you find you use the playroom more for storage than a place where the children want to spend time playing?

Or maybe you have a play area as part of a larger room or it doubles up as an office/spare bedroom and you want to make it appeal more to your children? With a little bit of imagination and a small budget, you could spruce up your playroom in no time and have the kids in playing regularly.

Ways To Spruce Up Your Playroom

#1. De-Clutter The Space

declutter ways to spruce up your playroom

Before embarking on any project to spruce up your playroom or play area, the first task is to de-clutter. Involve the children in this process. Be ruthless and encourage children by explaining how they will be helping other children by donating older toys, games and books they no longer play with to a charity and how much space they will have to play once the job is done.

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#2. Give The Decor A Makeover

Wall Stickers for Kids how to spruce up your playroom

Whether you have a whole playroom or your play area is part of a multi-functional room, adding wall stickers is one of the quickest, most cost effective ways to update the decor quickly and make the space feel special. Wall stickers can:

  • Immediately brighten up and add interest to a playroom.
  • Unlike painting, you can change them easily as your child grows and their interests change.
  • Used to highlight an area and give it purpose.
  • Appeal to everyone from tots to teens with an endless variety of options from farms to oceans, space to unicorns, world maps to superheroes and everything in between.
  • Tie in with current decor for a seamless look.
  • Avoid the mess involved with painting (no preparing surfaces, covering for drips, cleaning afterwards).
  • Work for those who aren’t super creative, the wall stickers make any space look amazing.
  • Be stuck on almost any surface, not just walls. So you can update shelves, storage units, doors or just about anything!
  • Be quick to install, no waiting for decorators.
  • Be quick to remove when it is time for a change.


Sprucing up your playroom has never been easier. Wall Stickers For Kids is an Irish company that specialises in funky decorations to transform any space for any age. From glow in the dark to educational, themed to personalised or stencil options for those who are feeling more adventurous, you are sure to find what you are looking for to spruce up you playroom or play area. Check out the full range here.

Order online today and have your goods delivered quickly, no fuss, no mess, no waiting for decorators, no excess customs fees!

#3. Use Suitable Flooring

Flooring needs to be easy to clean or wipe down but also needs to be comfortable for children to play on. If the budget doesn’t stretch to replacing current flooring, adding a large rug or using scatter cushions can help. Rugs or cushions can be removed for cleaning and are an inexpensive way to update a tired space and inject a bit of colour.

Your children will also use the cushions as seats and rugs will be turned into forts or dens, encouraging imaginative play!

#4. Incorporate Clever Furniture

Mykidstime teddy bear storage ideas

Whenever possible, furniture in a playroom should be multi-functional.

Seating – Benches should be used not only to sit on but as storage units. Wide benches become a table with the children sitting on the cushions on the floor.

Storage Units – Use cube storage units with deeper shelves than regular bookshelves. Leave some open for display and ease of access. Add storage boxes to other sections to hold collections of smaller items. Or you could use a floor to ceiling wardrobe with doors to shut away clutter when toys are not in use.

Up-Cycle & Be Inventive – A piece of string with some pegs can become a gallery, a drawer in a unit could become a magical fairy land or a bedroom for dolls. A laundry basket could be a soft toy storage unit. Old furniture could be up-cycled by adding paint or stickers. The possibilities are endless.

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#5. Add A Blackboard Or Magnetic Wall Area

Encourage creativity by adding a blackboard or magnetic wall area to your playroom. You can buy a large blackboard or magnetic board to hang on the wall or simply paint a wall or surface with chalkboard or magnetic paint. These types of paint are available to buy in home decor stores or online.

Add magnetic numbers, letters or shapes or some smart dust free chalks and let their imagination run wild! As they grow, these areas will be invaluable for reminders or study tips.

#6. Rotation System

Toys rotation system how to spruce up your playroom

If your house is anything like mine we always have an overwhelming amount of toys, games and books to choose from. When my girls were younger I introduced a rotation system for these items.

We had a monthly rotation system. After doing a declutter, I got them to choose a selection of games, books and toys they wanted to play with most. The rest went away to the attic (remember to remove batteries). After a month to six weeks, I replaced most of the toys with ones that were stored. We worked on this rotation system for a couple of years. Another option is a one in one out system.

It means that all the items you have in the playroom will get played with more regularly and each time new toys are introduced, it is like they rediscover them all over again! It also gives you an opportunity to sideline items to go to the charity shop without much fuss.

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#7. Future Proof Your Playroom

Carolines Perfect Playroom

Future proof your playroom by adding a study section. Younger children can use it as an arts and crafts area, older children can use it for homework or online schooling. And while the kids are at school, you could use it as your work space. Get ideas here on kitting out your study space

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Have your say! Have you tried any of our ideas to spruce up your playroom? Or maybe you have some other ideas? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

7 Easy Ways to Spruce Up the Playroom - Mykidstime

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