The Benefits of Getting a Good Dog Grooming Routine in Place


June 15, 2015

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With the arrival of summer you and your dog will probably spend more time outdoors. It is important to get your dog groomed by a professional a few times a year, but in between visits you and your pet can experience many Benefits from Getting a Good Dog Grooming Routine in Place and Summer is the perfect time to start!

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Owning a pet is hugely rewarding but can be a costly business too. With the correct tools you can save money and bond with your pet while making sure they always look great. More importantly, regular grooming ensures you can spot changes quickly and act on them before they become an issue. The kids can get involved too helping with brushing and washing!

What do we mean by grooming?

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Grooming is more that just brushing your pet a few times a week. Pet owners, with a bit of confidence, knowledge and care can help maintain a healthy coat, nails and even clean eyes, ears and teeth.

Before you begin it is important to get advice on your breed and use the correct tools for the job. We like the Maxi Zoo Ireland website which has answers to your grooming questions to help you keep your pet looking and feeling great.

#1. Brushing

Dog with long furRegular brushing of your pet’s coat helps to remove dead hair, stimulates blood flow and oil production and helps your pet to remain tangle free. It is a great bonding exercise between owners and their pets and will help to maintain a healthy coat between visits to the groomer. Brushing is a also a great way to get the kids more involved with looking after the family pet.

As a general rule, dogs with long hair should be brushed daily, dogs with dense hair 3 times a week and dogs with short hair need a weekly brush.

#2. Cleaning

Dog CleaningIt is important to clean your pet’s eyes, ears and teeth on a regular basis. It can be a good idea to take your dog for some exercise before starting the cleaning routine as this will help burn off any excess energy. Pet your dog to ensure they are calm and be confident and precise with your movements. Think of how you clean your own or your child’s eyes, ears and teeth and treat them in a similar fashion.

Eyes: to clean your pet’s eyes use only cotton wool and warm water. Gently swab the from the inner eye to the outer eye. Trim away any hair that may be hindering their sight.

Dog with ear upEars: to clean your pet’s ears, check for any foreign bodies and remove gently. Use cotton wool soaked in a little olive oil and gently rub this over the ear to remove any build up. Never insert anything into the ear canal.

Teeth: it is a good idea to brush your pet’s teeth daily or at least a few times a week. Only use an appropriate pet tooth brush and pet toothpaste. Never use toothpaste designed for humans.

#3. Washing

BathtimeWashing your pet can be a bit of an ordeal! But regular washing, once a month at least or weekly during the summer months will help to keep shedding to a minimum.

Establish a routine and give plenty of treats when your dog co-operates. Only use pet shampoo and conditioning products, The ph balance in human shampoo is not suitable for use on pets. Air dry during warm weather or towel dry if it is cooler. You can use a hair dryer but ensure the heat settings are on cool.

#4. Trimming

Dogs paw

Trimming hair and nails between visits to the groomer can be easier than you think. Again, it is important to ensure you get the correct equipment and advice for your breed of pet.

Hair Trimming can help reduce matting and pest infestation. It will keep your pet cooler in warmer weather and can help prevent ear and sight issues.

Nail Trimming is important if your pet is not outdoors much running around on hard surfaces. Get advice on your breed before you start and make sure you do not cut too close to the nail bed.

Over to you now, any tips on grooming or fun grooming stories you can share? Please share them in the comments box below

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