5 Simple Steps for Creating the Perfect Home Crafting Area

Jill Holtz

May 11, 2021

home crafting area

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Crafting doesn’t have to just be for your kids. You may spend hours finding the coolest and most creative crafts to tackle with your kids, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t take some time out to expand your own creative talents. Adult crafting has become a popular hobby for people young and old. The relaxing nature of flexing your creative muscle is an excellent way to have some important self-care time to yourself.

If you enjoy painting, crocheting, pottery, or beading, it’s advantageous to have a place to enjoy your crafting. Here are 5 Simple Steps for Creating the Perfect Home Crafting Area:

Steps for Creating the Perfect Home Crafting Area

You don’t need to build a new addition to your home to get the right space to get the most out of your crafting. You may have a spare room or unused garage that you could easily convert into the perfect crafting nook. But be aware that if you are using an outdoor shed or room for a crafting space, you might want to get home insurance quotes or update your existing policy to make sure your craft materials and equipment are fully covered. Here are a few tips to help you create a crafting space that will continue to inspire you.

#1. Make Sure Your Lighting is Good

Whether you are putting together scrapbooks or assembling a new necklace design, you will need to have good lighting in your crafting space. Natural light is an advantage as it will give you the true nature of colors and inspiration. For detailed work, it’s not always enough to rely on overhead lighting alone. Well-placed lamps or swivel arm lights are a great addition to your crafting space that will help you see your work clearly.

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#2. Think About Distractions and Privacy

It’s tough to concentrate on anything, let alone crafting your latest masterpiece, when you don’t have any privacy. If you have a space with a door that can be closed, you are already ahead of the game.

If you are sharing your crafting space with other family members in your kitchen or living room, you could separate your area by using a curtain or portable screen.

#3. Inspiration Boards

home crafting area

Ideas for new creations come from unlimited sources. To get your creative juices flowing, you can surround yourself with your new ideas and plans. A simple bulletin board or cork board where you can pin up your upcoming projects is a great idea for your craft area.

Photos of ideas, diagrams of your newest designs, or colour combinations that intrigue you can all have a place on your inspiration board.


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#4. Steady Surface

Having a steady surface to work on your crafts is essential to a workable space. You can use:

  • a benchtop desk
  • a foldable table, or
  • a classic workbench to spread out your latest supplies and creations.

Make sure that your work surface is placed at the right height. Slouching or reaching may cause you unnecessary back strain while you are working on your favourite crafts.

#5. Plenty of Storage

home crafting area

Having all of your crafting supplies in one place is the best reason to invest some time in creating your own creative space. A workbench that is disorganized by clutter can make it difficult to express your most creative side.

Putting up a few shelves, investing in containers for your odds and ends, and racks to hold your supplies can help you keep your crafting space ready for your next creation.

Taking time to stretch your creative talents is a great way to relax and unwind. Finding an area around your home and converting it into a crafting space can be easier than ever if you follow these tips to help you get started. Happy crafting!

5 Simple Steps for Creating the Perfect Home Crafting Area

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Like this? Share it with your network!

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