6 Clever Storage Ideas if You Are Tight for Space

Jenny Harrison

September 21, 2018

6 clever storage ideas

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Are you tight for space but need some new storage ideas? Look no further because we have compiled some storage ideas that will inspire your next redecorating project. Now you can save your family before they disappear into a heap of mess and disorganised toys with these 6 Clever Storage Ideas If You Are Tight For Space:

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Designing a well-organised house requires planning and creativity. Good storage space, movable furniture that fits your kids’ ages and family’s changing needs will help. As your kids grow older, you will need to adjust and accommodate a few things here and there.

Boxes, hooks, hangers, organisers and baskets will all help and they can also be decorative features. Here are some ideas for storage to help inspire you.

Clever Storage Ideas If You Are Tight For Space

#1. Use The Walls

wall shelves

Wall shelves or dividers don’t use up any floor space, keeping the floor accessible for playing and other activities. Keep the shelves front open, they are easier to reach and clean.

Put items that aren’t used as often on higher shelves, leaving lower shelves for easy access for kids.

And put shelving in places that optimises space like either side of a window or in a corner behind a door.

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#2. Under Bed Storage

VARDÖ Underbed storage box

VARDÖ Underbed storage box from IKEA

Look for beds with built-in storage space. Divan beds and day beds often have useful drawers.

Or if the beds are high enough, you can store boxes or baskets underneath the bed.

Drawers with roll under storage on castor wheels are also a good option to be able to pull out and access items easily.

You can also get those sealable bags that reduce in size with a vacuum so you can fit more of them in to your available storage space.

#3. Handy Hooks


Hooks are super handy and not only do they help store things, they also make finding clothes and other items easier for kids. You can use hooks to hang coats, fabric holders or sacks to stock gloves, socks, and even toys. Plus they make a nice decorative feature too.

There are lots of places to put hooks:

  • on a wall
  • on the back of a door
  • along a shelf
  • in the corner of a bedroom
  • in the unused space in the wardrobe.

These days hooks are available in different designs, colors, and patterns.

#4. Use Cubes

 storage cubes

Cubes are an excellent storage resource as they are flexible and multi-functional too. They are perfect for holding small baskets and bins. You can teach your child to be organised and be particular about placing certain items in assigned labeled or coloured baskets. If your kids are sharing a room, then it’s important for them to have their own space.

Ikea is a good option for inexpensive cubes and storage bins or if you want to go a more quirky route then milk crates and wooden crates can be inexpensive and are stackable too.

#5. Make the Most of Shelves

bookcases by windows

Shelves and racks can help you increase the space that’s available. Shelves can be placed against the wall, above the bed and desk, and even in the bathroom, so they won’t occupy much space in the room. Or either side of a window like the example above.

For kids’ rooms, stand alone shelves are best where your child can access them.

Apart from the useful function of storage, shelves are an inexpensive way to add colour, design and a chic look to your home. You can also customise the shelves according to the theme of the room. For kids’ rooms, paint the shelves with your children’s’ favorite colours to personalise them.

When filling your shelves, organise according to colours, shapes and objects. This will not only look appealing but it will help your kids find things easily.

#6. Choose Multifunctional Furniture

bedroom with storage

Multifunctional furniture is handy, especially if you have small rooms. So look for versatile pieces of furniture that can perform two tasks, for example,

  • A chest of drawers with changing table area on top (this will save you having two items of furniture and also take you from baby stage to older child.)
  • Beds or seating with built in storage.
  • Seats or sofas that can be turned into beds, handy for extra people staying over.
  • Extendable tables.
  • Room dividers that also store books, toys etc.

I hope these storage ideas have inspired you and given you some suggestions for ways to improve storage and maximise the space in your house.

Over to you now. What storage ideas have you implemented in your home? Tell us in the comments below. 

Here Are 6 Clever Storage Ideas If You Are Tight For Space

Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!

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