New Sustainable LEGO Bricks Made from Sugarcane – Out Now!

Emily Manning

Emily Manning

December 11, 2018

Mykidstime Sustainable lego from sugarcane

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Making good on their plan for 100% sustainability, LEGO are launching the first of their sustainable LEGO bricks. The new LEGO is made from sugarcane and has just hit the shelves. Take a peek below at the first pieces available, and find out what’s coming soon!

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In 2015, the family-owned LEGO Group announced its plan to move to sustainable materials, products and packaging by 2030.

As part of that commitment, the Danish company we all know and love has begun production on a range of sustainable ‘botanical’ elements including leaves, bushes and trees.

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Sustainable LEGO: All the Details

Made from plant-based plastic sourced from sugarcane, these botanicals will be the first elements to hit the shelves.

The unique design of LEGO bricks, and the company’s consistent focus during the past 60 years means that two LEGO bricks produced decades apart can still fit together. The new sustainable bricks and pieces have been tested to ensure the plant-based plastic meets the high standards for quality and safety that LEGO (and us as consumers) expect.

Mykidstime Sustainable lego from sugarcane

In fact, the first set to feature the all-new sustainably sourced LEGO elements, Plants from Plants, is available now – the latest LEGO Creator Expert set to come ‘Out of the Vault’ is the Vestas Wind Turbine.

Mykidstime Sustainable lego from sugarcaneWith this set, LEGO aims to raise awareness about sustainability and renewable energy in partnership with the world leader in sustainable energy solutions.

This renewable energy focused set is available directly in LEGO Stores and online at

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Box It Up: Sustainable LEGO Packaging

While the sustainable LEGO bricks are due to be fully incorporated by the brand by 2030, there is a plan in place for 100% sustainable packaging by 2025.

Ambitions include replacing single-use disposable plastics and finding recycled or sustainably sourced bio-based materials for all plastic-based packaging.

To date, LEGO has made significant changes to production and packaging to reduce landfill waste:

Mykidstime Sustainable lego from sugarcane

Currently, the majority of LEGO packaging is cardboard or paper-based which is recyclable, sustainably sourced and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

The LEGO Group also partners with the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF), as part of efforts to reduce CO2 emissions in manufacturing and supply chain operations and promote global action on climate change.

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Mykidstime Sustainable lego from sugarcane

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