Teen Skin Care Tips that are Good to Start Early


Teen Skin Care Routine


All skin types need daily cleansing. I would advise taking your teen along to a dermatologist or specialist counter at a store, pharmacy or beauticians to get expert advice on their skin type and to learn more about what the most suitable products for them to use will be.

Daily cleansing morning and night with warm water and a suitable facial soap or using a suitable, gentle cleansing product is important to get rid of dead cells and remove any build up of dirt and oil from during the day.


Washing your face more than twice a day can cause it to dry out and prompt your body to make excess oil which blocks pores and can cause spots.

Protecting Your Skin

teen skin care routine sunscreen

Teens with all skin types should use a UV protector daily. This is a great habit to get into early as, even in winter, the suns rays can cause damage to skin and causes it to age prematurely.

Some moisturisers have built in uv protection but if not, you should invest in a suitable product for your teens skin type. Don’t forget your lips too!

And remember only use a light moisturiser. Heavy creams designed for older skin will be too oily and cause pores to clog and increase your chances of getting spots or developing acne.

Your teen should also moisturise their body using a suitable moisturiser. They tend to be thicker than those you use on your face and use a hand cream to maintain and protect the skin there too.


teen skin care make up

As your teen grows it is inevitable that they will want to use make-up. It is important that they use a brand suitable for their age and skin type, so do seek advice before you spend on products that may not work or will cause irritation.

The golden rule with make-up is to always remove it thoroughly before going to bed! Again use suitable products for the area of skin that make up is to be removed from and ensure it works for your skin type and age. For instance you should use different products for around the sensitive eye area than for the rest of your face.

Top Tip: It is worth investing in a make-up instruction class for your teen. It makes a lovely gift and will give them the confidence to apply make-up in a way that enhances their beauty. 

Once a Month

teen skin care face mask

Once a month you should pamper your skin by exfoliating and using a face mask. Only use products suitable for your skin type and your age. Test all products before you apply them fully to your face as you may have an adverse reaction to some products.

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teen skin care healthy diet

One of the best ways to maintain healthy skin is to stick to a healthy diet and keep hydrated. It is recommended that we all drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, and more if we are exercising.

If you equip your teen with two or three essential products that work well with their skin and encourage them to keep up a good teen skin care routine, you are giving them a gift that will last a lifetime.

Do you have any teen skin care tips that you would like to share with us? Please share them in the comments box below. 

Teen Skin Care Tips

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