You Know You Have a Teenager When…

Jill Holtz

October 19, 2014

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We asked Mykidstime parents to tell us what it’s like living with their teen. Turns out they had lots to say! So here are 100 reasons that You Know You Have a Teenager when:

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#1. Everything smells like feet.

#2. You don’t need Google. Teenagers know it all!.

#3. You don’t see them in the house that often but you know they’re there because all the food keeps disappearing.

#4. Their bed is never made.

#5. Bags and shoes are dumped everywhere.

#6. They still look like your little boy/girl when they sleep.

#7. You are always broke, paying for their social life.


#8. All the glasses/cups/plates/forks/teaspoons are in their bedroom.

#9. You are asked to watch some strange video on YouTube that you’re sure made you lose IQ points.

#10. After midnight noises start coming from their room.

#11. Everything you say is followed with ‘I knowwwwwwwww!’.

#12. There is so much mumbling going on.

#13. You would pass out from the smellies being used.

#14. You are told their friends’ parents let them do everything and go wherever they want.

woman with laundry#15. You have got 2 large loads of wash everyday and there’s clothes everywhere but in the laundry baskets.

#16. Anything you ask is responded with “OK hang on”.

#17. The shower has been running for 45 minutes.

#18. They only talk to you when their phone is dead.

#19. Your nerves are fried as the atmospheric pressure in the house changes at the drop of a mood.

#20. Their room is always a mess/stinks/ready to be condemned by the Health Dept.

#21. You’ve no petrol in the car because you’ve had to drive them to so many places.

Teen Rolling Eyes#22. Nothing is ever right.

#23. They can’t believe you don’t know how to do things on the phone or computer and have to ask them.

#24. The house is either full of attitude or hugs.

#25. The place is quiet as they too busy texting or SnapChatting.

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#26. There’s not a secure handle on any of the doors (from yanking).

#27. You need a lot of patience.

#28. You get answered by grunts or mumbles instead of words.

#29. The wifi is slow and Netflix keeps re buffering!

#30. It is very quiet as they are still sleeping and it’s noon, or they are in their own world in their bedroom – reading, playing computer games etc.

#31. You hear I’m sorry mom :) followed by hugs and 24 hrs of good behaviour.

#32. Dirty dishes are left in the sink even when the dishwasher is next to sink.

#33. Xbox controllers are always wherever you want to step.

#34. Your electricity bill is up from all their charging/leaving lights on/playing music/leaving tv on.

#35. Most of the sockets in the house are full with chargers.

#36. If they do load the dishwasher, the plates are so covered in food residue that the exercise is futile!

Teen Texting#37. Every. Light. Is. On.

#38. You can hear the phone clicking as they text / fb.

#39. There’s no food and milk and you just bought both.

#40. Your cupboards are always empty within 48 hrs of grocery shopping.

#41. The fridge door is always open.

#42. They are always hungry and constantly ask what is there to eat.

#43. They freak out if you charge your own phone cause theirs is way more important.

#44. There are empty cereal bowls every where.

#45. You can never get into the bathroom.

#46. When you do get into the bathroom there’s no hot water left.

#47. All the towels are used and on the bathroom floor

#48. And there’s no toilet paper on the roll in the bathroom.

#49. There’s more eye rolling than a horror flick.

#50. The music is blaring.

#51. You can’t do anything right!

#52. They yell “get out of my room”.

#53. The TV has been on all day.

#54. There’s a smart ass remark for anything anyone says….

girls-teens-talking laughing#55. You can’t hear yourself think!

#56. You are constantly out of snacks.(Here’s a few they can make themselves!)

#57. They never come in 1’s. There is always the half a dozen extra friends in the house as well.

#58. They only want you when they want you or are happy only when they get what they want.

#59. Your favourite boots/shoes are missing.

#60. You used to have about 20 mugs but can only find one because they’ve used them all!

#61. You have to drive all the time.

#62. Hair straighteners are left plugged in.

#63. The laundry basket is never empty.

#64. She/he doesn’t do their laundry. Just throws everything in a pile.

#65. Their room is like a bear cave – enter at your peril.

#66. The fridge is always empty.

sale-supermarket#67. You buy 10 boxes of cereal a week.

#68. All the food is gone from the presses & fridge.

#69. There’s no hot chocolate left.

#70. They wear your clothes.

#71. They can’t hear you because they have their music full blast with earphones in.

#72. You have a movie buddy.

#73. They are always on the computer or phone.

#74. There’s a mess everywhere they go!

#75. They say they hate you and that you don’t understand.


#76. You know all the latest songs.

#77. You get told that you are too old to remember what being a kid was like

#78. You get told you are from the time of the dinosaurs.

#79. You get told you are only around to ruin her/his life.

#80. There are smelly socks everywhere.

#81. There’s always a mess in the kitchen and no dishes left in the cupboard.

#82. If the wifi isn’t working, there’s murder on their mind.

#83. They are always in front of the mirror.

Teen on phone#84. The house smells of hair spray, mousse, perfume, makeup and attitude.

#85. They are never off their phones.

#86. Slamming doors is a common sound around the house.

#87. You’ve got a chance for teen spirit to de-age you.

#88. Attitude is bouncing off everything!

#89. You have the mornings to yourself.

#90. There is always loads of gossip and chat and you really look forward to them having friends around.

#91. Your foundation/makeup/hair products/skincare that you paid a fortune for has gone awol.

#92. Everything you say is wrong.

#93. You hear loud music and laughter from their room.

#94. The Vampire Diaries have been on TV all day.

#95. You are now on Disco/Dance/Party Pickup Duty at the weekends.

#96. The doors are hanging off the hinges from slamming.

unhappy-teen-dad_0#97. She/He always feels the need to get the last word in.

#98. Food disappears and they don’t know why!

#99. You are never right. Ever.

#100. All of the above. But I wouldn’t change it for the world xxx

Do you have a teenager in the house? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!

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