Top Tips for How to Reboot Your Career in Technology


August 31, 2022

tips for how to reboot your career in technology

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Are you looking to get back to work in technology after a career break? Maybe you studied IT or previously held a role in technology but have not had the opportunity to work in this sector recently.

Getting back to work after a career break or change can be daunting. We have teamed up with Women ReBOOT, a free women returner programme to bring you some tips to help reboot your career in technology.

6 Tips To Reboot Your Career

#1. Decide What You Want

tips for how to reboot your career in technology

What does your future look like? What are your goals? Have a clear vision of the work-life balance you wish to achieve. Write down goals, what is important and what you absolutely won’t compromise on to gain clarity on what your future career in IT should be.

#2. Getting Back to Business

Just as important these days as updating your CV is updating your profile (or joining) LinkedIn. Spend time on LinkedIn and other social networks and share / comment on content relevant to the IT sector you wish to work in.

You should also use social channels to reconnect with contacts and past colleagues. And to help get up to speed with current news/updates in the IT sector and companies you would like to apply to.

#3. Updating Your Skills

tips for how to reboot your career in technology

Take time to access the skills you have. Look at where they could do with updating and research relevant opportunities for updating your skill set through training and education. Programmes like the Women ReBOOT one are ideal with the bonus of paid work experience when you finish.

Think also about how you can incorporate the skills you have acquired while on a career break into answers to questions you are going to be asked in interviews. These skills are transferable into the workplace but are often overlooked.

Kickstart your Return to a Career in Technology

Get a 12 week paid placement along with 4 weeks full time technical and professional skills training when you sign up to the Women ReBOOT Program

tips for how to reboot your career in technology

#4. Do Your Research

Before applying for any jobs, do your research about the company. From online research to chatting with friends and past colleagues, it will help inform your decision on whether the company culture is what you are seeking. And gives you an opportunity to impress at interview stage too with the knowledge you have gained from the research you have undertaken.

#5. Be Flexible

tips for how to reboot your career in technology

Even if you are nervous about going back to the workforce now that you have kids, don’t shy away from applying for a full time job. There are many ways that a job can be flexible, especially with technology and work-from-home being more accepted nowadays, you just have to find the right one.

If you find your dream job but you need more flexibility, ask for it. As you get back into work it is important for you to be flexible as well as you grow into the role.

#6. Be Prepared

Finally, before you go back to work, be sure to have a good support network around you.

If you are returning after raising children, don’t make your first day of work their first day of childcare! You and they will all need a few days to adjust to the new routine before you take up the new role.

About the Women ReBOOT Program

Women Reboot your career in technology

The 4 week full time Women ReBOOT training programme is a combination of formal training, self-directed learning and individual coaching sessions. It is free to participants and is currently delivered via Zoom, with a couple of in-person events.

At the end of the 4 weeks, participants take a paid work placement with a participating company which lasts for 12 weeks.

Learn more about the programme and hear from past participants and register your interest in take part here.

tips for how to reboot your career in technology

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