12 Cool Garden Games for Guaranteed Outdoor Family Fun!


April 15, 2020

kids playing outside Garden games

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Garden games are a great way to keep the kids entertained whether the sun is out or not. We have picked out 12 cool garden games for guaranteed fun outdoors – perfect for all the family to enjoy.

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You don’t need big pieces of equipment to have lots of fun in the garden. If you are looking for ways to keep the kids happy, check out these garden games from The Happy Puzzle Company. My personal favourite is Fifty to Finish and Jill loves the Trampoline Tennis!

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Fun Garden Games For All The Family

#1. Crazy Garden Golf

Happy Puzzle Crazy Garden Golf Garden Games

Bring the Crazy Golf to the garden! You can play this superb new crazy golf set on the grass or the patio, or indoors with enough space.

This high-quality, two-player set includes six obstacles, plus two children’s clubs and three ‘lightweight’ golf balls (meaning no broken windows)! Completely safe and brilliant fun. Suitable for both left and right handers.

#2. Flamingo Ring

Flamingo Ring Garden Games from Happy Puzzle



Can you toss the ring over the Flamingo’s head to score point and beat your family and friends? Flamingo Ring turns an afternoon in the garden into a party!

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#3. Tin Can Nautical Knock Down

garden games from Happy Puzzle tin can knock down


How good is your aim? Simply set up the Nautical themed tin cans and use the bean bag to see how many you can knock down! The set contains 10 cans, 2 bean bags and a set of instructions.

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#4. Trampoline Tennis Set

The Happy Puzzle Company Trampoline Tennis Garden Games

Throw it, catch it, bounce it with this versatile trampoline tennis set!

Get the family moving, playing together and performing tricks, whilst developing a whole range of skills including hand-eye coordination and concentration.

Each set includes two disks plus a special ‘string’ ball. The Trampoline Tennis Sets are suitable for all ages.

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#5. Garden Croquet

The Happy Puzzle Company Garden Croquet Garden Games

Croquet anyone? Nothing conjures up the style and elegance of a traditional summer’s day like a game of croquet. Escape normal life and play this skilful game of knockabout fun in the garden, park or on the beach.

Each croquet set contains four wooden mallets, four wooden balls, six wire hoops, wooden peg and instruction sheet.

#6. Penguin Bowling

Happy Puzzle Penguin Bowling Garden Games

Enjoy some Antarctic action with this fun penguin bowling set! See how many of these cute little characters you can knock down in this game of skittles. Simply line up the wooden penguins, roll the ball and cheer loudly as they come tumbling down!

Each Penguin Bowling Set contains 6 wooden penguin skittles, 2 wooden balls and instruction sheet.

#7. Fifty To Finish

The Happy Puzzle Company Fifty To Finish Garden Games

My personal favourite, Fifty to Finish will put your accuracy to the test as you throw the wooden pin at the ten colourful pins and see who can tactically knock down specific numbers to reach exactly fifty points first. Three games included in each set.

#8. Banana Kick

The Happy Puzzle Company Banana Kick Garden Games

Banana Kick sets two people, or two teams, head to head – each trying to outscore the other. However, the banana doesn’t always go where you want it to go, leading to unexpected twists and turns, crazy passes and an absolute hoot of an outdoor garden game!

#9. Feeding Time Frenzy!

The Happy Puzzle Company Feeding time Frenzy Garden Games

Feeding Time Frenzy offers you the opportunity to sink your teeth into a lively throwing garden game. Simply toss the beanbags into the shark’s mouth and see how high you can score – just make sure you don’t end up on the menu!

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#10. Safari Ring Toss

The Happy Puzzle Safari Ring Toss Garden Games

The whole family will have fun monkeying around with Safari Ring Toss. The aim of the game is to see if you can get the hoops over the colourful animal posts! Perfect fun for little ones right up to adults.

#11. Giant Toppling Tower

The Happy Puzzle Company Giant Toppling Tower Garden Games

Can you stop the Giant Tower from toppling over? Take it in turns to remove a block from the tower and place it on the top. The last player to stack a block without the tower falling wins.

The tower is 48cm high at the start of the game, and can reach over double its original height. Great fun indoors or outdoors!

#12. Door Ping Pong!

Happy Puzzle Company Door Pong Garden Games

It’s Ping Pong without the table! We know this one is more of an indoor option, rather than a garden game, but it would make a great choice for rainy days or to bring with you on holidays.

Easily mounted to any doorway with the adjustable clamp, Door Pong produces the same volleying action as ping pong, but in a portable, compact form. Perfect for any room around the house with a door frame, Door Pong is fun for two players or can be played solo. You’ll never have to chase the ball again!

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Have you tried any of these fun garden games? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

12 Cool Garden Games for Guaranteed Outdoor Family Fun! - Mykidstime

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