11 Alternative Birthday Gift Ideas for Teens that Aren’t Money


#6. Tent

gifts ideas for teens tent

How about getting them a tent that they can use on future camping trips with their friends or for music festivals?

Even if your teen is too young to head off to music festivals just yet they can pitch their tent in the garden and have friends round for a sleepover. Investing in a good tent means they will have it to enjoy for years to come.

#7. Fitness Accessories

gifts for teens sports equipment

From cool sports gear or equipment to gym membership many teens will appreciate a fitness related gift.

#8. Tickets

gift ideas for teens concert tickets

Tickets to a concert, music festival or sporting event is always a winner. Especially if you get one for their best friend to tag along as well.

#9. Wireless Headphones or Speakers

gift ideas for teens wireless headphones or speakers

Most teens like their music and getting the latest wireless headphones or speakers will send you to the top of the best parent ever list.

Most products on the market today are compatible with all devices, but do check to ensure that whatever you purchase will work with their phone or tablet.

Check out products from Amazon UK and Amazon USA

#10. Portable Mixing Desk

gift ideas for teens portable dj mixer

Sticking with the music theme, this portable DJ Mixer gadget from Uncommon Goods will go down a storm with teens who like to create their own individual sounds. It gives a professional sounding beat on the move.

#11. Gela Skins Covers

birthday gift ideas for teens

Most teens these days own technology from phones and tablets to laptops. GelaSkins offer an easy, eye catching way to customise those devices and offer protection covers for your tech that look great at surprisingly affordable prices.

You can even customise your own version by uploading an image you love.

Do you have any other alternative gift ideas for teens? Please share them with us in the comments box below. 

alternative gift ideas for teens that aren't money

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