14 of the Best Minecraft Party Ideas to Guarantee You’ll Survive the Party

Minecraft party

If your child loves Minecraft and has been begging for a themed party, then here are 14 of the Best Minecraft Party Ideas to Guarantee You’ll “Survive” the Party, and ensure you are the coolest Mom/Dad on the Block…and yes, all puns intended!

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#1. Free Printable Minecraft Invites

Catchmyparty.com has free Minecraft party printables you can download, including the invites ready to print and fill out.


minecraft party

#2. Free Minecraft Fonts

If you’re designing your own Minecraft party invites, Dafont.com and Fontspace both have free Minecraft fonts you can download and use. (Tip: here’s how to install a new font on a PC and how to install a new font on a mac)

free minecraft font

#3. Minecraft Party Sets

You will be able to find Minecraft party sets from a variety of party supplies stores, including this set from Amazon.co.uk which has plates, cups, napkins, tablecover, and posters.

Minecraft Party Decorations

Minecraft Bunting

Create some fun Minecraft party bunting using these instructions from Instructables.com.

minecraft party

Minecraft Torches

Make Minecraft torches from old cardboard boxes with white and yellow paper.

minecraft party
Little Snowflower

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Minecraft Balloons

Use black and green balloons marked with black sharpie to make the creeper faces.

minecraft party
Cupcake Stand

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Minecraft Utensils

Use black sharpie pens to mark Minecraft Creeper faces onto green plastic utensils.

minecraft party

Minecraft Piñata

Make mini Minecraft piñatas for your party:

Or if you want the real deal, check out these cool Steve and Creeper piñatas available on Pinataspinatas.com.

minecraft pinatassteve_grande

Minecraft Party Games

You’ll need some Minecraft themed party games of course. Mommadanddboyz has cool ideas for Minecraft themed games from Pin the Tail on the Pig to Minecraft bingo.

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Minecraft Party Food

Minecraft Creeper Pizza

Make rectangle pizzas with squared off pepperoni for the Creeper face:

minecraft party
Catch My Party

Minecraft Rice Crispy Treats

Whip up a batch of Rice Crispy Treats using green food colouring and then carefully place square chocolate icing pieces onto make the faces.

minecraft party
Rosanna Pansion

Minecraft Mushrooms and Torches

Make mushrooms by dipping marshmallows into melted red candy. Make torches by dipping breadsticks into melted white chocolate and then into orange food coloured chocolate.

minecraft party
Coastal Sling Mommy

Minecraft Water

Make up a batch of blue jello for some “minecraft water”. You can buy 2oz square mousse cups on Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com, perfect for making square blocks.

minecraft party
Laurie Kehler

Minecraft Cakes

Of course you’ll need a fabulous Minecraft cake. What about some of these ideas to inspire you?

minecraft cake
Country Cupboard Cakes
minecraft cake
minecraft party
minecraft cake
minecraft cake
Cake Pics

Have you got a tip for hosting a Minecraft party? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!


Minecraft party

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