50 Amazingly Awesome Birthday Ideas for Teens

Jill Holtz

January 19, 2015

birthday ideas for teens

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Do you have a teen birthday coming up and are you desperately in need of some present inspiration? Teens can be a notoriously tough bunch to buy for, but fear not, you’ll be the coolest “present-giver” ever with these 50 Amazingly Awesome Birthday Ideas for Teens:

#1. A Bit of Pampering

Treat your teen to a bit of pampering, eg a mani/pedi followed by lunch. (Lots of salons now do male treatments too!)

“My friend took her 14 yo on a pamper session. They got hair done, manicures and pedicures. They had a right giggle!” Sara L

#2. Meal Out

Book a table at a nice restaurant and take your teen out for a meal. They’ll enjoy dressing up a bit and doing some people watching.

#3. Hoodie

The uniquitous teen wear, we know, but a hoodie always goes down well. Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch are popular, or check out the range of hoodies and sweatshirts available on Notonthehighstreet.com for something a bit different.

#4. Cinema Vouchers

“One of my teen daughter’s favourite things to do is go to the movies with her friends, so this is definitely on my present list for her next birthday” Siobhan

#5. A New Bag

A new handbag, tote or messenger bag is a cool and useful gift.

#6. Music Voucher

Does your teen use a streaming music service? How about a gift voucher to Spotify or Pandora?

#7. SodaStream

Bring some bubbles into their lives with a SodaStream Fountain Jet Home Soda Maker Starter Kit. Transform ordinary tap water into fresh great-tasting soda or sparkling water in less than 30 seconds. You can choose from over 60 regular, diet and all-natural soda mix varieties with no high-fructose corn syrup and no aspartame.

Available from Amazon.com or  Amazon.co.uk

#8. Adventure Experience

Got an adventurous teen? How about booking them on a kayaking or outdoor adventure experience? Or a Climbing Wall session?

#9. Jewellery Organiser

How about something to help organise their jewelry? This Heart Earring Holder is very sweet, available from Notonthehighstreet.com. Shaped like a heart with three rows for storing your earrings.

#10. New Tablet/iPad Case

We liked this iPad sling bag suitable for iPad or other Tablets.

Comes in black, khaki green and blue.

Available from Amazon.com

Or try this V7 Sling Bag which fits iPad, Kindle Fire and up to 10.1 inch Tablets.

Comes in black.

Available from amazon.co.uk

#11. iTunes Voucher

You can’t go wrong with an iTunes voucher for a standby birthday idea for teens…

#12. miDough

Logo with white background in jpegmiDough is a brilliant, simple, new system that makes life easier for teens and their parents. With miDough teens can take charge of their own money and online shopping through a transparent, parent monitored online solution. Less hassle for teens and less stress for parents!

It’s easy to set up, with no set-up fee or monthly charges, and money is protected in a secure bank account.

#13. Bit of Bling

Some jewellery suggestions:

  • a really nice pair of earrings;
  • a St Christopher necklace;
  • leather bracelet;
  • a Claddagh ring which is a traditional Irish ring given which represents love, loyalty, and friendship (the hands represent friendship, the heart represents love, and the crown represents loyalty). When the hands that hold the heart are angled towards the girl, that means she is taken, when the heart faces out, the girl is single.

“Give a charm bracelet then each birthday and Christmas perhaps add a charm as a pressie” Cármel G

#14. Shopping Afternoon

Take them for a shopping afternoon to their favourite mall or shopping centre. Set a budget and set them loose, and arrange to meet them at a cafe at the end of the afternoon for refreshments.

#15. Phone Credit

The ultimate useful present for a teen.

opi nail varnish set#16. Nail Polish Set

This Opi Nail Lacquer Take Ten Mini Gift Set set has 10 different colours all from the OPI Top Ten 10 Pack of Mini OPI favorites, and includes OPI’s exclusive prowide-brush for the ultimate in application. (NB the nail polishes also contain no DBP, toluene, or formaldehyde).

Available from Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com.

#17. Sportshop Voucher

To stock up on their favourite brands.

#18. Tickets to a Match

If they have a favourite sports team, then tickets to a match is a nice gift.

#19. Outdoor Gear

Want to get your teen outdoors? What about a fly fishing lesson or a fishing rod and reel? Older teens might like a tent and camping gear if they are planning trips to music festivals.

personalised skateboard#20. Skateboard

For the skate fan in your life, these Personalised Custom Made Skateboard Decks from Notonthehighstreet.com are so cool.

With 5 different designs and personalisation available, you can order just the deck (to be used with existing trucks and wheels), or add griptape and trucks and wheels to purchase a complete skateboard.

#21. Drone

Drones with cameras are all the latest rage. This Hubsan X4 LED edition may be small, but it can even fly outdoors, wind dependant. It also has a front mounted camera with a video recording function. Super stable indoors or even outside on a calm day.

Available from Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com

#22. Tickets to a Concert

Another standby present idea for teens, concert tickets to their favourite artist or band. Or how about picking a new unknown band and sending them hear them? You could ask a nearby music venue for ideas on upcoming bands that your teen might like if you give them an idea on the type of bands they like.

#23. Team Jersey

For the sports mad teen in your house, how about gifting them the latest team jersey available for their favourite team.

#24. Cool T-shirt

camisole topYou can’t go wrong with a cool t-shirt for a teen. Notonthehighstreet.com has some funky designs for males and females.

How about this Swarowski Crystal trimmed camisole top, made with fine knit lace and crystal trim.

This limited edition camisole has pretty narrow straps and is trimmed with tonal Swarovski crystals.

normal_racing-cyclists-t-shirtOr this Racing Cyclists T-shirt, which has a large silhouetted image of five racing cyclists speeds across the chest.

The detailed image looks a bit like a scribble from a distance as the various bits of bike overlap each other, close up it’s clear what the image is.

#25. Vinyl

Obviously you will need a record player in the house but vinyl is the new super-cool music format. And many records come with the CD and also the download MP3 version of the album, so they can actually be quite good value considering.

#26. Box Set

Give your teen a box set that they can watch and rewatch. Some suggestions:

  • Friends
  • Modern Family
  • Glee
  • Vampire Diaries

vw print#27. Funky Artwork Print

We like this cool VW Kombi Wall Art Print from Lottie Coco. It comes unframed sized 8″×10″.

Available from www.mykidstimestore.com.

#28. Ballerina Slippers

Standby fashion option for tired feet and great for tucking into handbag or clutch.

#29. Onesie

If we had said to you a few years back that onesies would burst onto the scene you would have laughed at us. However they are here and they are cute (think back to when your teen was 2 and in a similar getup!).

#30. Netflix Subscription

With unlimited movies, tv shows and documentaries, an annual Netflix subscription is a great present for a teen (plus the rest of the family get to enjoy!)

#31. XBox/Playstation Game

Grab the latest and greatest game to give to your teen. For XBox/Playstation (according to our sources) the latest hits must have games are:

  • Call of Duty Advanced Warfare
  • FIFA 15
  • Grand Theft Auto 5
  • Assassin’s Creed Unity

Or top them up with an Xbox Gift Card so they have currency to eg buy playres for the FIFA games and other extras. Most places that sell games have the gift cards, or you can go to www.g2a.com or www.microsoftstore.com.

#32. Mini Speakers

portable speakersA set of mini speakers that can be easily toted around to the park, beach or friends’ houses.

Check out this gem shaped hot pink speaker available from Bando.com, it offers 12 hours of continuous use.

It’s made from neon pink coated resin so hard wearing and will be a cool conversation piece too.

Charges with USB.

bluetooth wireless speakersOr these wireless Bluetooth speakers from jamaudio.com, offering high-quality, high volume sound. It pairs easily with your Bluetooth devices, streams music up to 30 feet away, and even offers an integrated speakerphone that instantly transfers from music to conversation. Best of all, you can double the sound output and get true stereo sound by pairing two JAM Plus wireless speakers to your device – and play them both for up to six hours between charges.

#33. Telescope

If the astronomy bug has bitten your teen, what about a telescope. Take some time to consider this and don’t automatically buy the most expensive (if there’s a danger it may lie around gathering dust). Here’s a useful article on www.deepastronomy.com that helps you work out what type would be best.

#34. iPod or Tablet

Yes we know it’s not an original idea, but there’s always the latest iPod or iPad mini or tablet to buy them.

#35. New Backpack

Handy for school, weekends, general trucking around. In 1966, the Van Doren Rubber Company opened up for business in California. Within a few years, global skate culture adopted Vans shoe as their favorite brand, and today Vans still represents a look that epitomizes the Southern California lifestyle. We like this Old Skool backpack which comes in a variety of colours and designs. Available on Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com.

#36. Uggs

Along with the hoodie, Uggs have become the go to footwear for teens around the globe and have spawned a multitude of knock off styles. So do a bit of online research to get the best value for the authentic Uggs.

#37. Watch

Swatch is a good brand to buy teens, they have a variety of styles and colours available, are hard wearing, keep time well and won’t break the bank.

#38. Makeup or skincare set

For the teen who enjoys make up or wants to give their skincare the best boost, a makeup or skincare set can give the best value often rather than buying individual items.

#39. Vans

To go with your new cool Vans backpack (see Number 35) a pair of Vans shoes has to be the “biz”.

#40. Selfie Stick

If you haven’t come across these, a selfie stick is used to take selfie photographs by positioning a smartphone or camera beyond the normal range of the arm.

#41. Headphones

Everyone know about Beats by Dre headphones, how about some super-cool Earbuds instead? Check out Urbanears.com, they ship worldwide.


#42. Jewellery Box

How about a jewellery box or a watch storage box for your teen? Pick something that can last them well into adult life.

#43. Graphic Cushion

Etsy is a good place to find cool cushions for your teen’s room, most producers ship worldwide and you’re getting a unique handmade product too.

#44. Camera

Cameras nowadays have all sorts of technology built in. Check out www.polaroid.com and www.samsung.com for good options on smart cameras.

#45. Let’s Make Some Great Art Book

let's make great artIn this interactive Let’s Make Some Great Art Book, Marion Deuchars takes the broad canvas of ART and fills it with drawings and activities that let you discover what art can be, how it can be made, what it can mean for you and what it has meant for people through the ages.

This book is packed with stimulating ideas to spark your creative imagination. You can complete the Mona Lisa’s smile, or design your own Jackson Pollock-inspired work with a marble, a tray, some paint and paper.

#46. Thermal Coffee Mug

Great for travel to school, for out and about at the weekends.

#47. An Acre of the Moon

Who wouldn’t like an acre of the Moon?! You can buy 1 Acre of Lunar Land, starting at $29.99 from lunarland.com, the official legal real estate agency for the Moon since 1980 :) .

#48. Air Hockey Set

This Tabletop Air Hockey set looks, feels, sounds and plays just like the real thing. Pucks glide across the playing rink on a cushion of air for fast, exciting table hockey action.

Lightweight and portable, just place on a table and play away and when it’s not in use, simply put away and slip under the bed or pop in the cupboard.

Available from Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com.

#49. A Cool Classic

Get your reader teen a cool classic, there’s some really beautiful hard back versions being published nowadays too. Some suggestions:

For more ideas, here are 25 Classic Novels for Teenagers.

minion usb#50. Funky USB Stick

Always handy, USB sticks are good presents. How about this cute 8GB Portable Unique Design Despicable Me Minions USB?

Available from Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com

You might also like: 10 cool crafts that even you teen will want to do

Have you anything else to add to this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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