Dino Bites! Dinosaur Party Food for a Roaringly Good Time

Emily Manning

Emily Manning

January 8, 2022

dinosaur party food ideas

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Are you preparing to throw a dinosaur party? Then you won’t want to miss our dino bites – the perfect dinosaur party food to ensure all your guests have a roaringly good time!

With everything from stegosaurus cupcakes and jurassic jelly to molten lava volcano cakes and swamp juice, you are sure to find everything you need for a dino-themed party in our collection of dinosaur party food ideas.

Fun Dinosaur Party Food Ideas

Dino Eggs

dinosaur party food ideas

Hard-boiled eggs are not usually on the menu for kids’ parties, but these eye-catching dinosaur eggs from Our Best Bites might be the exception!

Herbivore Party Cups

dinosaur party food ideas

Portion out some chopped veggies and hummus for kids (and adults!) to enjoy during the party. These little herbivore cups from Learn with Play at Home are far more enticing than a big platter which, let’s face it, the kids are unlikely to touch if there are sweet treats on offer.

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Molten Lava Volcano Cakes

dinosaur party food ideas

How amazing are these explosive lava cakes from Celebrations at Home? They are sure to show-stoppers for any party table (and I bet the adults will want one too)!

Dinosaur Nests

dinosaur party food ideas

As easy as a Rice Krispie bun, these dinosaur nests from The Crazy Kitchen are fab! Use cornflakes to give a bit more structure, and create a dip in the centre to be filled with mini eggs when the chocolate has set.

Swamp Juice

dinosaur party food ideas

Presentation is all it takes to make even the simplest party element a success. Decorate party cups by drawing or sticking on eyes and teeth, or little tiny dino nostrils like these ones from Kelle Hampton. Kelle’s idea for jurassic swamp juice is one the kids are bound to love!

Dinosaur Spikes

Kids love watermelon, and these delicious dinosaur spikes from Learn with Play at Home are a tempting treat that looks fantastic on the party table.

Simple Dino Sandwiches

dinosaur party food ideas

Keep it simple with some dinosaur sandwiches like these ones seen on Catch My Party – quick, easy and fits the bill for a kids’ party.

I got a dinosaur-shaped cutter from Amazon.co.uk (also available from Amazon.com, Ocado, and many more) that is perfect for this, and also helps to make lunchboxes more exciting.

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superhero party food container

Stegosaurus Cupcakes

dinosaur party food ideas

What a fun, simple idea for a party! This design for Stegosaurus cupcakes from Two Sisters Crafting is sure to be popular, and can be made in the birthday child’s favourite colours.

Claw Cookies

dinosaur party food ideas

Don’t fall in to the trap of buying unnecessary cookie cutters – unless you plan on making dinosaur cookies on a regular basis, take the advice of Sweet Sugarbelle and use a round/oval and heart cutter to cut out the right shape.

Swamp Rocks and Sludge

dinosaur party food ideas

Chocolate balls make fantastic swamp rocks (or dinosaur poop…?), and little cups of green jelly are perfect for a pretty gross-sounding swamp sludge. We love the creativity on Kara’s Party Ideas for something so simple – and you know the grosser the better with kids, right?

Dino Guacamole

dinosaur party food ideas

This genius way of presenting guacamole from Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons is so much fun, whether you’re having a dinosaur party or not!

Jurassic Jelly

dinosaur party food ideas

Recreate the opening scene of Jurassic Park and make your own amber fossil with this ingenious idea for Jurassic jelly from Mama Likes to Cook. All you need is an ice cube tray, orange jelly and some raisins to submerge in place of mosquitos – and voila!


We love this idea for a dinosaur fruit platter from Bebeh Blog – these are the perfect little bite-size morsels to tempt the kids!

Dino Egg Cake Pops

Cake pops are always a fun party food idea, and in an oval shape they are ideal for making dinosaur eggs. Smudge a little melted chocolate on for a mottled appearance like these ones from The Little Big Company and you’ll have some bite-size dino delights.

Prehistoric Dirt Cups

dinosaur party food ideas

I’m pretty sure that these prehistoric dirt cups from Oh Nuts will disappear as soon as your guests spy them! What’s not to love about chocolate mousse, crushed Oreos and some wiggly jelly snakes?

Dino Print Cookies

dinosaur party food ideas

Choose your favourite plain cookie recipe for this idea from Sugar and Soul, and then use the (clean) foot of a dinosaur toy to create an imprint before baking. So clever!

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