Birthday Party Ideas for Girls Costing Less Than 50 euros


Kids Birthday Parties can be expensive! Would you like some birthday party ideas for girls that will help save money? One of our Mykidstime Parents shares her tips for hosting a 7 year old Girl’s Birthday Party for under €50.

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My daughter turned 7 recently and instead of an entertainer or going to a party venue, we invited a small group of her friends to the house 4-6 p.m. on a Friday after school.  Here’s how I managed to keep the cost of the party activities to under €50 (and total cost of party under €70 for 13 kids)

We had 4 activities lined up for the girls to do, each one taking approx 20-25 mins each.

Activity 1 – Fashion Design

I bought a CreativeStudio “Create your Fantasy Model” colouring book at Eason’s and photocopied extra sheets.

Each girl got 2 sheets to design their own fashion with a heap of colouring pens and twistables to share on the table.

Cost : €7.95 (optional cost of e.g. 10 – 15 sheets at a photocopy place)

Activity 2 – Decorating Cupcakes

In advance, I bought a selection of sprinkles and stars and love hearts as well as cupcake cases from

Cost €18.94 including delivery

Then purchased 1 bar milk chocolate cake topping and 1 bar white chocolate cake topping and some mini marshmallows from Tesco.

Cost €4.99

On the day of the party, I made 24 cupcakes from this Easy Cupcake Recipe.

Preparation for this part of the party:

  • Put out all the decorations in little bowls in the middle of the table.
  • Let each girl choose 2 cupcakes
  • Melt the chocolate bar topping in the microwave – try 30 seconds then stir, a further 30 seconds and stir until melted.   Put out on table when girls are seated with their 2 cupcakes, give each girl a spoon and tell them to start spreading the topping on their cakes and pass along the bowl/jug.
  • Then they can decorate as they wish and eat 1 cake and save 1 for later!

Activity 3 – Treasure Hunt

With the help of older daughter, we had a treasure hunt with 10 clues going round the house and out into the garden.

Each clue’s answer led to the next clue. We had them work as a team together so they had to take turns reading the next clue out. The final clue led them to the “treasure” – a pile of chocolate coins hidden somewhere.
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Cost: €4.00 for 2 packets of chocolate coins from M&S

Activity 4 – Paper Tissue Flower

I bought 1 packet of multicoloured tissue and a packet of multi coloured fuzzy sticks (or what I would have called “pipe cleaners” as a child) at Tesco.

Each girl made a paper tissue flower to take home, read here for the instructions.

Cost: €4.00

No Party Bags!

Each girl took home their 2nd decorated cupcake, their fashion pictures and their paper flowers (with a lollipop for a treat).

Total cost for the 4 activities (not including birthday cake and party food): €45

(NB Party food for the girls included: birthday cake, mini sausages, pineapple chunks, strawberries, mini rolls, mini mallows, hummus & carrot sticks, “Smiley Faces”: approx €20)

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Do you have any further suggestions you would add? Share it with us in the comments below.


  • Eva

    Can you tell me please, what kind of templates are inside? I'm really interested in to buy this colouring book, but I can't see anywhere the pages. What are the fantasy figures? Mermaid, fairy, … ? How many figures are in it? Thanks so much for helping!


      Hi Eva,

      Each page has a little bit of background and a face and the outline of a body and the girls then were able to draw clothes on top of the outline.  So it was more than a colouring book, they actually got to design their own outfits onto the page. 

      Some of the body outlines were mermaids, but most seemed to be princessy type figures.  I think it had 25 pages in it but I can't remember for sure. 

      Hope that helps


      • Eva

        Thank you Jill! 🙂

  • kirsty

    For my daughters 6birthday we went to the local lakes and had a treasure hunt. At the end was a big box of sweets and colouring equipment which in total cost me £20, the children got to choose one colouring book and two sweets. They also took home a bit of cake. I asked each parent to bring a picnic so saved money on that. We took our outside toys so they had things to do afterwards. They all had a great day and every child went home exhausted.


      It’s amazing what you can do for very little money and it’s great when you can hold the party outdoors, I think the fresh air always tires them out more too!