The Mykidstime Best Ever Party Guide for Kids Birthday Parties and Celebrations


Welcome to our Best Ever Party Guide on Mykidstime! Our aim was to create a good quality guide with lots of useful ideas for holding Kids Birthday Parties and Celebrations for families and children that parents would enjoy and find useful, so we hope we have achieved the aim and that you enjoy and find it useful!

Visit our Updated Party Guide over here!

Here’s a PDF version of the Mykidstime Best Ever Kids Party Guide if you can’t see the digital version.

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  • Catherine

    Can I just say that this “party guide” is a bit “old Ireland”. Communion parties? Fine if you’re going to address other religions as well, or is my kids time only for card carrying roman Catholics?

    grow up and address diversity a little please!

    also party guide is a misnomer if it is really a business index with a few oldies but goldies games attached.


      Hi Catherine, thanks for your feedback. We put in 2 articles on Communions as many of the parents who use Mykidstime are Catholics. We embrace diversity on Mykidstime and are happy to include new ideas (you obviously didn’t notice our Chinese New Year article last week?). This was our first party guide and we worked hard to make sure it wasn’t just a “business index” so we made sure to also have 11 different party articles from ideas for birthday cakes to cheap party suggestions to party etiquette (+ the 2 articles on Communions). If you have other ideas to make the next edition even better, drop us an email to and we’d love to hear more ideas to improve it. Jill