25 Reasons Parents Love Back to School Time


Alright, school holidays have been long enough. Time to rejoice the return of normality! Here are 25 Reasons Parents Love Back to School Time!

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1. Ahhh, the peace and quiet!

2. You are back into routine – hard to adjust initially, but you’ll usually breathe a sigh of relief after first few days – we all secretly love routine.

3. Kids start going to bed earlier again, which means you’ll get some time in the evening to yourself – win!

4. Less squabbling and bickering between siblings as they are now separated for large chunks of the day.

5. The chance to enjoy uninterrupted coffee morning with friends.

6. No more “I’m Bored” from the kids, and the endless brain racking as you try to figure out what to do with them!

7. You can catch up on those things you didn’t manage to keep on top of while the kids were off school.

8. You enjoy catching up with other parents at the school gate/after school activities.

9. You can stop having to be Director of Entertainment.

bowl of pea green herbal soup10. You can get back to more healthy eating (hard to avoid constant treats during the holidays)

11. No more trying to find childcare options during the summer aka the camp juggle.

12. It doesn’t matter as much what the weather is like as the kids will be in school for most of the day.

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