5 of the Best Back to School Outfits if Not Using Uniforms


August 18, 2015

back to school outfits if not wearing a school uniform

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What do your children wear if their school does not have a uniform? It can be difficult to dress your children day to day, especially girls, without getting caught up buying the latest fashion trends because everyone has one! We think these are 5 of The Best Back to School Outfits if Not Using Uniforms.

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Many schools have a school uniform but for those looking for back to school outfits if not using uniforms, we have some ideas here.

Back to School Outfits If Not Using Uniforms

#1. Sweats and Hoodies

These unisex items have been a firm favourite for a long time. Many schools offer sweatshirts for sale for team members and supporters of school sports clubs.

Alternatively, if your child participates in a sports club not linked to school they often have club sweatshirts too.

Look out for ‘buy one get one half price’ offers from sports stores or check out online stores that deliver.

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#2. Jeans and T-Shirt / Top

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Jeans are both practical and hard wearing and can be worn year round. Most of us choose the denim blue variety, but jeans are available in a host of colours to make you stand out from the pack.

Team your jeans up with a cool top and accessories to make a new outfit every day.

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#3. Leggings with Shorts or Skirts

Great for girls and makes use of shorts year round.

By changing around the leggings which offer amazing designs and colour ranges, you can get a daily new look without having to spend loads.

I find shopping online great for deals and as the kids get older, they can look online for themselves!

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#4. Jackets

Jackets don’t have to be for just keeping you warm!

By adding a jacket to your outfit it can smarten up your look and allows you to add colour and a new style statement.

Lighter jackets can be worn in place of jumpers / cardigans and can be worn under heavier winter coats.

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#5. Shoes

back to school outfits

Invest is a good pair of trainers / sneakers and a pair of boots. These will see you through all types of weather and will go with any look.

It can be a good idea to make up your own “uniform” so have a daily outfit that you wear on the same day each week.

By adding scarves, jewellery, jackets, hats, bags, tops and shoes. you can easily make your look a bit different every time. This is the most inexpensive way to get the best out of your clothes.

Invest in a few good items at the start of the year that will wash well and look good for longer. And keep some clothes just for weekends as it is nice to have some outfits that you don’t associate with school!

Finally be ready with our Back to School Checklist.

Have your say! What does your child wear when they are not in uniform? Please share your ideas in the comments box below.

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