5 Sleep Routine Tips for Back to School

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It’s nearing Back to School time, and if bedtimes have been later in your household during the summer holidays, Sleep consultant Lucy Wolfe of Sleep Matters shares 5 tips for getting the sleep routine back on track.

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#1. Get Bedtimes Earlier as Early as Possible

child sleepingSleep consultant Lucy Wolfe recommends starting to changing bedtime to an earlier time as soon as you can ideally at least a week before back to school.


If bedtimes and wake times have been on the later side, start gradually bringing them forward so that your child is going to bed at an age appropriate time and that they are waking naturally in the morning.

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#2. Turn off gadgets an hour before bedtime

Turn off any gadgets that can stimulate your child at least an hour before their bedtime. This includes tv, computers, smartphones, games consoles.

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#3. Create a relaxing routine for bedtime

For younger kids a bath can help relax them then put on jammies and read a bedtime story. For older kids and teens, taking a shower, reading a book, or whatever they find relaxing that doesn’t involve screen time.

#4. Be prepared for resistance

young girl going to sleepSetting limits at bedtime is important but you will face resistance from your child. Maybe your teen wants to watch one more programme or your child wants another drink or another story.

It can be tempting to give into the requests but that’s only going to continue to make it harder to get back into a routine for school.

#5. Include your child in making decisions about what to do before bedtime.

Talk to your child about how important sleep is and why their body needs it. Ask them for input on what they want to do to relax before bedtime and then participate in the bedtime routine with them.

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Over to you! Share your sleep routine tips in comments below.

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