5 Special Memories of Your First Day at Primary School


August 27, 2019

first day of primary school

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If your child is starting school this year, then a big congratulations on this milestone. Your first day at primary school is quite possibly one of the most important days in your life. To take you back to days gone by, here are 5 special memories of your first day of primary school.

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For many, the first day of primary school is the first time you ventured out into the big world without the safety net of mammy and daddy. It’s the first time you had to wear a uniform, the first time you had to carry a school bag and the first time you had to be confined to a classroom for five hours!

While your first day of ‘big school’ was daunting, it was also an extremely exciting time in your young life.

5 Special Memories Of Your First Day At Primary School

#1. Saying Bye to Mammy & Daddy

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Saying goodbye to your mum and dad on the morning of your first day of school was extremely tough. Tears were shed, as you reluctantly entered the doors of your new classroom (often by mum or dad!). This was often the first time you would be away from them for a prolonged amount of time.

However, as all the other boys and girls started to arrive and you decided that your new teacher didn’t seem too bad, you started to relax, and your parent’s cuddles were a distant memory.

#2. Finding Your Seat

After waving your parents goodbye, it was time to find your first ‘big-school’ seat. One-by-one, your teacher guided you to your assigned place.

You glanced around at your new buddies and shyly introduced yourselves, and perhaps included other essential facts about yourself, such as purple being your favourite colour and that you were 4 and three quarters.

#3. First Lesson

Schoolboy with Hand Raised

A big moment on your first day of primary was your very first lesson. This was the first time that you had to focus for such an extended period.

You quickly learnt that raising your hand was your new best friend and that maths was not a fun time!

#4. First Lunch Break

Lunch break was the pinnacle moment of your first day in school. This was the time you got to whip out your fancy new lunchbox and get stuck into your favourite ham and cheese sandwich (courtesy of mammy, naturally!).

Lunch also gave you the opportunity to chat with your new classmates and start bonding over important topics, such as Barbies, Peppa Pig and your favourite superheroes.

#5. Home Time

parenting milestones and memories

After a long five hours, you heard that glorious sound – the school bell! It was time to go home!

The tiredness you felt after your first day was like nothing you had ever experienced before. But you didn’t let that get you down.

You were bursting with excitement the whole way home, as you told your mum and dad all about your new friends, how popular your new lunch box was and how much you hated maths.

Have your say. What are your special memories of your first day at primary school? Please share them with us in the comments box below.

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Like this? Share it with your network!

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