Why Parents Hate Back to School


September 10, 2014

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Is it the early mornings you hate? Or maybe it’s how grumpy the kids are all week? Here’s why Mykidstime parents hate back to school. And if you are one of those parents who rejoices the return to school here 25 reasons parents love back to school time.

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1. The early mornings – yuck!

2. Small talk at school gate, particularly the mornings as we’re hardly even awake!

3. Making lunches – the monotony!

4. Homework, and the inevitable tantrums and arguments that ensue.

5. Constantly watching the clock, to make sure you don’t miss pick-up.

6. The worry of getting a phonecall from the school.

7. The quiet house – we miss the buzz and chatter.

8. Headlice, scabies and the coughs, colds and myriad of other germs that they inevitably pick up and bring home – double yuck!

9. The traffic is busier, and trying to park at school is a nightmare.

10. The kids are grumpy and tired.

11.  School runs in the rain.

12. The cost.

13. Searching for missing shoes in the am. (Here’s 10 Simple Tips for making School Mornings Easier).

14. We miss the kids.

15. Back to school signals end of summer.

16. The mountain of forms that must be signed and returned.

And finally, as one of our parents joked….

17. They don’t get to spend the night :)

Over to you… do you love/hate back to school? Let us know in the comments.

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Like this? Share it with your network!

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