7 Helpful Benefits of Performing Arts for Your Child


July 5, 2019

The benefits of performing arts

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Taking part in a Performing Arts class can help boost your child’s confidence in a safe and fun environment. Even the most shy child can be transformed into a self confident individual with the ability to communicate well. We talked to Claire Power Artistic Director with Trading Faces Galway, who has been a drama teacher for more than 20 years, to find out 7 Helpful Benefits of Performing Arts for Your Child.

7 Benefits of Performing Arts

#1. Builds Self Confidence

From improvisation to performing to their peers, friends and family, Performing Arts will take your child out of their comfort zone in a safe and fun environment. Taking part in classes slowly builds confidence and self belief in all students as they are nurtured and taught how to express their thoughts and ideas in a creative way.

Always culminating in a show where they will perform on stage for an audience. This confidence and ability to stand up in front of an audience and perform will stay with them throughout their lives.

#2. Improves Listening And Communication Skills

From conversing with their peers and coaches to get their thoughts heard to projecting their voice onstage or directing fellow students from behind the camera, there is no doubt that one of the main benefits of performing arts is to improve communication skills.

An added benefit is also the improvement of listening skills as they hear the opinions of other students and coaches and wait for their turn to shine.

#3. Increases Empathy And Compassion

Masterclass with Nicola Coughlan (Claire in Derry Girls) and past pupil of Trading Faces

Having to ‘get into character’ will teach your child empathy and compassion for different characters and situations. They may also find themselves performing different roles such as behind the scenes and not always in the limelight which teaches them to see the world from a different perspective.

#4. Teamwork

The teamwork involved in performing arts is unlike that of any other activity. It is not about winning or losing. You learn to work with your peers for a common goal of creating a great performance no matter how big or small your part is.

Reach Your Potential!

Apply now at www.tradingfaces.ie or call Claire on 085 1017766.

#5. C.A.O. Performance Points

NUI Galway and other 3rd level institutions currently offer special performance points for students who show artistic promise and achievement in:

  • Drama & Theatre
  • Film
  • Music

Successful applicants will gain a bonus of 40 points. Trading Faces strives to help students achieve those points!

#6. A Fun Way To Express Yourself

Trading faces shows

Performing Arts is a really fun way to express yourself whether it be through dance, music or acting. No matter how you are feeling, there is a character to suit your mood. And whether your skills lie behind the scenes or in front of the camera there is an opportunity for you to express your unique talents.

#7.  A Fun Workout!

It is physical from learning dance steps to performing on stage to singing you are constantly moving and having a fun workout in the process!

The helpful benefits of performing arts for your child

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Like this? Share it with your network!

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