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June 14, 2018

SIMPLE Physical Literacy parachute canopy is your child school ready

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We are all aware that we need to move more. The SIMPLE Movement Programme has a simple mission, to get kids everywhere more active which in turn has been proven to increase children’s reading ability, working memory and non verbal reasoning. Learn how you can get involved and get the kids more active and give them an “I can do it” attitude.

Get Up Get Out

It is recommended that all children get at least 60 minutes physical activity daily. But did you know that physical activities such as running, jumping, balancing, throwing, twisting and turning not only exercise the body, but also the mind?

To take part in these activities you need to be focused, able to switch easily between tasks and using your memory constantly. All of these skills are used in learning situations too. In addition, time spent doing physical activity means time away from the screen.

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The SIMPLE Physical Literacy Program

The SIMPLE Physical Literacy Program was designed by Dr Alweena Awan, a teacher for 23 years who did P.E. daily with her class. It soon emerged that her students were consistently good readers. Dr Alweena wanted to explore the link between daily P.E. and learning and went on to do a PhD entitled ‘Raising children’s learning and performance in a primary school’ and from this came the SIMPLE Physical Literacy Program.

How to Get Involved and Get the Kids More Active

family together

Motivating children to exercise can be a chore unless it is a sport they are passionate about. Building in daily physical exercise from an early age is essential. Children love routine and just like you teach them to brush their teeth morning and evening, having an exercise routine re-enforces the message so it becomes second nature.

Ways to Get Active

  • Attend a class together i.e. baby yoga, baby swim etc.
  • Play games with your toddler i.e. place objects out of reach that they have to crawl or toddle to reach, ring-a-rosie, bouncing on the trampoline or simply holding their hand and going for a walk.
  • Get outdoors and use a ball to throw, kick and bounce to each other. As they grow, introduce bats or rackets to improve co-ordination
  • Take a daily walk, jog, swim, cycle, scoot or run together for fun.

If you make these part of your daily routine, your child will continue to incorporate exercise into their routine as they go into their tween and teenage years and into adulthood.

SIMPLE Training

Anyone who has a passion to motivate children to move more can do SIMPLE Training.

For Parents

SIMPLE Physical Literacy get the kids more activeThe SIMPLE training for parents is a one day face to face workshop. It helps you gain an insight into how the world looks and feels from your child’s perspective and gives you an insight into how sequencing and movement impact your child’s learning and behaviour.

For Teachers & Coaches

The SIMPLE training in done over 2, energetic face to face days. You may be a teacher who wants to incorporate more P.E. into your student’s weekly schedule or you may want to become a SIMPLE coach and run your own after school classes or use the knowledge gained to run parties for groups of children. Whatever your ambition, the SIMPLE training will help you get there.

For Schools or At Home

Simple Physical Literacy boy doing program get the kids more activeSIMPLE offer subscription plans with access to videos, lesson plans and support from Dr A & Dr E which is perfect for those who wish to master the program in their own time. You can access a free 7 day trial here. In addition they have a full range of useful movement videos for you to watch by simply registering. And you can follow the blog for ideas and help on getting the kids active.

Alternative Child Centre Method Workshops

Children Centre Method Workshops get the kids more active

SIMPLE Physical Literacy also run day and weekend workshops in the child centre method. The workshop covers information on:

  • Primitive & Postural Reflexes
  • Practical examples given to map on to
  • Visual training
  • Physical training through tests and exercises

Here is what one participant had to say “I decided to do the course for a number of reasons. I wanted to work with children in a different way rather than just looking at it from a speech and language therapy perspective, I have an interest in kinesiology and I am currently completing touch for health so it seemed to overlap for me. I came across the training out of the blue and was drawn to it initially because one of the teachers was a speech and language therapist and I thought ‘finally I can speak to a speech and language therapist that is thinking along the same lines that I am’. I was very curious about the work and went in with an open mind and an open heart. I have already recommended the workshop to other colleagues and friends and would do another workshop in the future”. 

Over to you now. Are you interested in getting the kids more active using the SIMPLE Program? Please let us know in the comments box below. 

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