10 Creative and Fun Things to Do with Broken Crayons

Caroline Kelly

November 21, 2020


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I don’t know about you but we always seem to have tons of broken crayons in our cupboard where we keep the art supplies. I hate to waste stuff so I looked around for ideas to use up those broken crayons. Here are 10 funky things to do with broken crayons:

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Things to Do with Broken Crayons

#1. Love Hearts

crayon hearts

Image: Mrs Williamson’s Kinders

This is a sweet idea for crayon hearts from Mrs Williamson’s Kinders. Use a heart mould to make heart-shaped multi-coloured crayons out of the broken and chopped crayons. This would be perfect for Valentine’s Day gifts too.

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#2. LEGO Bricks

Melt your broken crayons and then use these cool moulds to make LEGO brick or LEGO people crayons. Super cool!

The moulds are available from Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com.

#3. Crayon Candle

Crayon candle

Image: Chaos Ensued

This is a nice idea from Chaos Ensued to use a jar with broken crayons and a wick to make a crayon candle. And they melted the crayons in the sun too!

#4. Transparent Window Hearts

broken crayons

Image: NAPCP

Isn’t this a lovely idea? You can find instructions to make transparent window hearts from NAPCP, you will need some waxed paper and some ribbon or string, as well as your broken crayons.

#5. Rainbow Crayon Play Dough


Image: The OT Toolbox

Who knew that you could make play dough with broken crayons! You’ll get all the info and how to make this over at The OT Toolbox. Great idea!

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#6. Crayon Name Craft

Crayon craft

Image: Dollar Store Crafts

I absolutely adore this idea from Dollar Store Crafts to use your broken crayons to make crayon name craft by glueing the pieces into the shape of the name of the kids. You could frame it for their door, or mount it in their bedroom.

Once you’ve done names, what about other pictures – rainbows, shapes, etc – or let the kids come up with their own creations?

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#7. Dipped Pine Cones

Wax pine cones

Image: The Magic Onions

Keep those pine cones from family walks and then dip them in melted broken crayons to make pretty decorations, just like this project from The Magic Onion.

#8. Crayon Wands


Give broken crayons and oil pastels a new lease of life by melting them down to create crayon wands, thanks to this suggestion from Kids Activities Blog.

#9. Melted Crayon Art and Pointilism

Melted Crayon art

Image: Pieces by Polly

Pointilism is an art technique using small dots to create an overall image. Using the melted end of a crayon is a great way to introduce this technique to your child, although it does require supervision. There are some great tips and ideas for getting started with your own melted crayon art over at Pieces by Polly.

#10. New Chunky Crayons

recycled crayons

Image: Make and Takes

Fed up of colouring with the little broken ends? Why not make your own NEW crayons with all the broken bits? Make and Takes has step-by-step instructions for transforming scraps into new chunky ones using a muffin tin.

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