20 Ideas for Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids (+ FREE Download!)

Jill Holtz

May 10, 2019

fun outdoor activities for kids

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Nothing beats fresh air and running about outdoors for healthy, happy kids. If you need some ideas for fun activities for your child, then we have a great list of 20 ideas for fun outdoor activities for kids, with a handy free download too!

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Getting my girls out and about always was more fun if we had a focus for our time outdoors. We would come up with ideas for games to play or things to hunt for.

Sometimes it was bird spotting and finding feathers, other times we had fun with trees – climbing them, measuring them, doing leaf rubbings and picking up pine cones.

We hope you enjoy our fun list of things for kids to do outdoors, and you can download it for free in PDF format as well.

20 Fun Outdoor Activities For Kids

  1. 20 fun things for kids to do outdoorsFly a kite
  2. Run down a hill being an aeroplane
  3. Climb a tree
  4. Play hopscotch
  5. Go on a bug hunt
  6. Find as many different leaves as you can
  7. Try a nature scavenger hunt
  8. Measure a tree
  9. Do bark or leaf rubbings
  10. Look for animal evidence, e.g. tracks, feathers
  11. Roll down a really big hill
  12. Splash in a puddle
  13. Make a daisy chain
  14. Make a grass whistle
  15. Find a butterfly or caterpillar
  16. Ride your bicycle or scooter
  17. Pick up some pine cones
  18. Find 5 different species of tree
  19. Find a nut or a seed
  20. Start a rock collection

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Over to you now. Did you try out our list of fun outdoor activities for kids? How did you get on? Tell us about it in the comments below.

20 fun outdoor activities for kids

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