22 Excellent Ideas for FREE Things to Do in Summer with Kids

Jill Holtz

July 22, 2021

22 Excellent Ideas for FREE Things to Do in Summer with Kids

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Amusing the children during long summer holidays can definitely stretch the finances. We asked MyKidsTime parents to give us their best idea for free things to do in summer with kids. They really had some great ideas, from hidden treasure and sidewalk art to fort-building and making the most of local amenities!

Here are 22 excellent ideas from parents for things to do in summer with kids that don’t cost money:

Parents Share Ideas for FREE Things to Do in Summer with Kids

#1. “Go to the local library. They have so many things going on in the summer: art classes, educational demonstrations, music, etc.” Lisa Marie B.

#2. “Chalk on the paths outside. Painting (inside and outside), picnics, walks, scavenger hunts.” Siobhan O’N.

#3. “Draw a map of your area and mark X for hidden treasures. Use your imagination – pretend dinosaurs, lava and walking across pretend caverns on tightropes. Whatever your kids are into. One thing: don’t forget to bring the chocolate coins. Myself and my girls had a great time. Even though we got a few funny looks from people. Who cares, my kids had a ball being silly.” Michelle C.

#4. “Blanket Forts either inside or outside…building them is great fun and suddenly every toy/food/thing is instantly and enthusiastically rediscovered when it can be taken into the fort!” Claire K.

#5. “We make ooblek” Gonny T.

#6. “Bring them to the river and the woods let them swim, run and climb. Pack a picnic and get outdoors, there’s loads of beautiful places on all our doorsteps.” Kitty C.

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#7. “Have your own sports day. Start by making medals and then have races and games. Finish with awarding medals and a ice cream. They love it!” Carol C.

#8. “Play outside, go to a park, go fishing with worms you dig up, play games/cards, go play in a river…endless possibilities!” Laura E.

#9. “Picnic at the beach. Discover rock pools, play in the sand, collect seashells – and all free!” Emma W.

#10. “Draw, colour, puzzles, arts & crafts, cook with them, make up poems or stories, read.” Jaynee McC.

#11. “Sit down and play with them, bring out the voices and imagination!” Stephanie B.

#12. “Get a huge cardboard box to paint, colour and play in – hours of fun!” Amanda E.

#13. “Hang an old white sheet on the clothesline. Give the kids spray bottles of poster paint and let them get creative.” Flossy B.

#14. “Water fight – we had one yesterday and the kids loved it!” Robyn W.

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#15. “Spend some time talking to them.” Nichola J.

#16. “Local parks and play dates with friends.” Claire T.

#17. “Water. In any form OTHER than the shower!” Diana T.

#18. “Free playgrounds and a picnic” Hazel S.

#19. “Treasure maps with prizes” Melissa E.

#20. “Go for a long walk then watch a film together.” Louise R.

#21. “Climb a hill or mountain and bring a picnic.” Fiona M.

#22. “Make a tent either indoors or outside.” Jill C.

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