99 Entertaining Ideas to Combat “I’m Bored” this Summer

I'm Bored box for Summer

Do you find the long summer holidays a real juggling act? Are you constantly met with the refrain “I’m Bored”? Well help is at hand in the form of our “I’m Bored Summer Box” choc full of 99 entertaining ideas to combat I’m bored this summer, no matter what age your children are. So read on to see how to create your very own.

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We are only one wet week into the summer holidays and my girls are already telling me they are bored. So being ever resourceful, and having our wonderful crafts, cooking, things to make and do blogs to hand, I have come up with a novel way to combat their moans.

The younger one loves art, so she was drafted in for design work. I set the older one to work trawling our blog posts for fun ideas that we could do to together, they could do on their own and I threw in a few household chores for good measure. And I have made them into a handy, printable list, so you can make your own I’m Bored Box this summer.

What you will need to create your own I’m Bored Box

And you’re all set. Every time a child utters the magic words, “I’m Bored”, they have to pick a task square from the box and do whatever it says. With everything from cleaning bedrooms to going for a walk or learning a magic trick to baking buns on offer, they won’t be bored for long!

I'm bored cooking

For inspiration for some of the tasks included and other boredom busing ideas please check out the following:

If you have any extra ‘tasks’ you think should go on our I’m Bored List, please do share them with us in the comments box below. 

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