100 Family Bucket List Ideas for the New Year

Family Bucket List Visit a new beach

Are there things you would like to do together with your family but never get around to finding the time to do? Life always seems to get in the way. So how about creating a Family Bucket List together with the kids and put down all the fun things you want to do and work your way through them next year? Take inspiration from our 100 Family Bucket List Ideas for the New Year.

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In no particular order we have 100 Family Bucket List Ideas to help you create your ideal family bucket list for the new year.


Family Bucket List Hugs

  1. Have a clear out and give old toys, games and clothing to charity
  2. Back to the environment by planting some trees
  3. Great hugs
  4. Time to each other
  5. Thank you cards for presents received at Christmas or for birthdays
  6. Borrowed items back to their owners
  7. Out less!
  8. Smiles….they cost nothing
  9. Advice when asked
  10. Help when you can without having to be asked.


  1. Kind to each other
  2. Brave when you need to be
  3. More helpful around the home
  4. Cheerful
  5. Good to others
  6. Less snappy
  7. Happy with what you have
  8. A photographer to record special memories
  9. More patient
  10. Creative


Family Bucket List Bike Rides

  1. Ice skating, rollerblading or bike riding as a family
  2. New foods each week
  3. To keep your room clean (that includes Mum & Dad!)
  4. To visit somewhere cultural each month
  5. To take a train to a new city
  6. To have no treats for one day each week
  7. To read a classic and generally read more
  8. A scavenger hunt or Geocaching
  9. To overcome a fear
  10. To become more fit as a family
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Family Bucket List Play together

  1. Frisbee in the park together
  2. family board game every week
  3. Cards together
  4. Old songs and have a dance off
  5. The musical instrument you have more or learn a new one
  6. With your siblings even when you are not in the mood
  7. Set up an obstacle course in the garden
  8. Bowls together
  9. Make believe and create wonderful lands to visit
  10. In the puddles on a rainy day (everything can go in the wash!)


Family Bucket list of the new year eat together

  1. Together as a family more often
  2. At the table and not in front of the TV
  3. What everyone else in the family is having for dinner/lunch/breakfast
  4. Fish at least once a week
  5. New foods
  6. Out as a treat once in a while
  7. Something you think you won’t like
  8. Sweets…..less often
  9. At least 5 portions of fruit and veg per day
  10. A picnic in your favourite spot


Family Bucket List for the new year visit a new beach

  1. A new playground each month
  2. A new beach
  3. A national park and go for a walk
  4. A new place on a day trip
  5. Your local museum
  6. The theatre at least twice during the year
  7. Friends or family you have been promising to see
  8. Take a bus tour around your town or a walking tour to discover more about where you live
  9. A forest with a picnic
  10. A mountain and climb it


Family Bucket List watch movies together

  1. An old family movie once a week together
  2. A movie on an outdoor screen
  3. New releases in the cinema together
  4. Sports together on TV
  5. Pick a local team and go watch some games together at their ground
  6. A class your child takes
  7. Out for each other at school or in the playground
  8. The sun rise or set on a beautiful day
  9. The stars at night and teach your children the names for different constellations and planets
  10. Old videos of family and friends from your phone or home movie camera. And convert them to files that can be treasured and enjoyed forever.


Family Bucket List for the New Year Gardening

  1. A herb garden
  2. A veggie patch
  3. Works of art together
  4. Memories from special days out
  5. A photo album/book from images stored on your phone/social media channels or device
  6. A family dinner for Mum and Dad
  7. A new game to play
  8. A new look for your bedroom
  9. A list of places to visit during the year
  10. A list of new things you would like to try during the year
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Family Bucket List Camping

  1. More things together as a family
  2. camping trip as a family
  3. Give blood and get a donor card
  4. Learn a new sport
  5. Learn a new language (even some words and phrases for holidays)
  6. Teach the kids something you can do i.e. skipping stones, fishing, a card trick, a magic trick etc.
  7. Create a memory book for everyone in the family
  8. Or research your family tree
  9. Fly kites on a windy day
  10. Watch fireworks together


Family Bucket List

  1. I love you more often
  2. Please and thank you
  3. What time you will be there and get there at that time!
  4. What is on your mind and don’t let it fester
  5. Sorry and mean it
  6. Pay someone a compliment each day
  7. If you need help
  8. Well done
  9. You’re proud of each other
  10. Listen to what others have to say

Over to you now! What’s on your Family Bucket List for the New Year? Please let us know in the comments box below. 

Family bucket list ideas for the New Year

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