21 More Fun Projects for Kids Aged 8-12 Years


February 4, 2020

21 More Fun Projects for Kids aged 8-12 years

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Are you a parent to a tween? Have they been expressing that they are bored or do you feel they are too stuck on their screens all the time? We have just the thing for you!

Following on from our popular 33 Fun Projects for Kids Aged 8-12 Years, here are 21 More Fun Projects for Kids Aged 8-12 Years that might just offer a solution and give them ideas for things they can tackle themselves.

More Fun Projects for Tweens

Tweenagers spend a lot of time on screen nowadays so anything that gets them interested and active in doing other projects is a good thing. Of course some of these projects do require a bit of online time, but generally these are things that can be done without a laptop or device.

#1. Enter a Contest

fun projects for kids singing contest

Do you have a budding artist, photographer, writer, dancer, baker, flower arranger, crafter or scientist at home? Encourage them to enter a contest to show the world their talent.

#2. Learn a New Sport

gifts for kids sports equipment

It is so important to keep kids active as they leave the tween years behind and head into the teenage years. By trying out new sports during the tween years your child may just hit upon one that they love and will keep up for years to come.

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#3. Learn to Cook

ways to save money this summer

It is a great idea to get your tweens helping out in the kitchen and teaching them a few simple recipes that they can use all through their lives. Here are 25 Tasty Ideas For Cooking Ideas With Kids, and visit our food and recipes section for everything from breakfast recipe ideas to snack, dinner and sweet treat ideas.

#4. Go Fishing

fun projects for kids

Help organise a fishing expedition for your tween to have a go at fishing in your local lake, river or the sea. And if they catch one that looks good to eat, they can learn how to prepare it for dinner too!

#5. Interview Grandparents

Grandparents helping out

Grandparents are full of wise advice and stories of the past. How about making up a questionnaire and interviewing them on video? Your child could ask them about family history, or any remedies or tales they have to share, and videoing it will make a nice memory for future viewing.

#6. Learn to Play an Instrument

There are so many different instruments from the tin whistle to the guitar. You can self teach using books or online music tuition sites, or arrange for your tween to try some taster lessons with a music teacher, which is always a good idea before investing money in an expensive instrument.

The nice thing about learning to play an instrument is that it also opens up a diverse social network as your child grows.


Give your child’s LEGO creativity a boost with more than 50+ LEGO instructions and how-to videos that are sure to turn them into a Master Builder!

Lego master builder

#7. Make a Mini Robot

How fun do these little guys look? I found this idea on Red Ted Art and it is a fun project I will definitely be getting my tweens working on.

There are a few tricky steps involved so your child may need a bit of help with this fun project.

#8. Learn About Your City or Town

Fun projects for kids learn about their town or city

A bit like a treasure hunt, help your child to discover things about their city or town that they may not know. For instance, here in Galway, we have poetry on the prom and many of the buildings have plaques that show what they were used for or who lived there in the past.

Start with your local museum or library or if there are any bookshops or businesses that have been in your town for years, they may be able to help with your research. This can be a fun project for kids and adults alike.

#9. Learn to Knit

Easy knitting projects for kids - Mykidstime

Whether your child is a boy or girl, getting to grips with knitting is a fun learning experience. And they can create funky gifts for friends and family. We have some fun knitting projects to get your child started.

#10. Learn some Survival Skills

Fun project for kids learn some survival skills

Look locally for bushcraft or survival skills camps or classes, they are a great way for your child to meet new people and make friends as well as trying skills that are fun to learn and can come in useful too.

#11. Make Your Own Play Dough or Bubble Mix

Your tween may dismiss the idea of playdough or bubbles as being too babyish for themselves but creating your very own play dough or bubble mix at home is actually a fun science project! If they don’t have a smaller sister or brother that would use the end product, maybe you could suggest that they create the play dough for neighbours’ kids, cousins or even a local crêche or playschool. You just need some simple ingredients.

#12. Start a Diary or  Journal

Fun projects for kids keeping a journal or diary

If your child hasn’t kept a diary or journal up to now how about encouraging them starting one? It is so much fun to look back at them as they grow older.

And for parents how about keeping a diary or journal for your child that you give to them on their 18th birthday? You will be surprised how much you forget as they grow. Keeping a diary of milestones and achievements that you gift to them later on is really special.

#13. Have a Yard Sale

the lemonade stand

Gather up all those old toys, games and bric-a-brac and have your tween organise a yard sale. Your tween could also make and sell baked goods and lemonade, and then use the money they earn to buy something they really want.

#14. Visit the Shops on Their Own

fun projects for kids girl shopping

Depending on the age of your child, it is good to instill a sense of independence. You could start by getting your child to buy some items you need in the local grocery store. You can wait outside if they are too young to walk there with siblings or friends. But let them go in, choose the items and pay for them.

#15. Give Their Bedroom or Playroom a Makeover

kids room

This may require some help from you, both financially and/or practically. But if you set a budget and let your child do the research, it can be a really fun project that makes them feel a sense of pride.

You never know, it may even result in them keeping their room tidy! And you might discover you have a future interior designer on your hands.

#16. Create a Cardboard Box Maze

fun projects for kids cardboard box maze

I love this idea of using old cardboard boxes to create a fun maze to play in. It can be as big or as small as you like and I bet the family would also enjoy it!

#17. Build an Electro-Magnetic Train

I love this fun project from Frugal Fun For Boys. Using some copper wire, magnets and a battery you can create a train that passes through the wire on its own.

#18. Create a Mural

Fun projects for kids wall mural

If you have an outside wall or fence, painting a mural is a fun project for older kids to do during the summer months.

And if you are not quite ready for their own designs or feel confident enough to draw up one yourself for them to paint, you could get them painting a single colour instead. Or alternatively let them create it in chalk, which will wash off easily. Remember to take a picture before it disappears!

#19. Perform a Show for Friends and Family


Putting together and performing a show will give your child a real confidence boost. They could learn some jokes, songs, magic tricks or card tricks to impress family and friends.

(And remember to record it to look back on in years to come!)

#20. Grow Something to Eat or Gift

easy to grow vegetables for first time gardeners

Giving space to your child in the garden is a fun project for kids to learn about where food comes from and take pride in planting, nurturing and using the produce that they grow.

If vegetables are not for them consider planting fruit or flowers that they can enjoy during the summer months.

#21. Learn About 3D Printing

3D printing continues to grow in popularity. There are some great free apps that allow you to create images on your iOS and Android devices that can then be sent to companies for 3D printing and delivered to your home. Try experimenting with 3D design with the fun free app Tinkercard that requires no experience.

21 More Fun Projects for Kids aged 8-12 years

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