21 MORE Fun Projects for Kids Aged 8-12 Years


February 4, 2017

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Are you a parent to a tween? Have they been expressing that they are bored or do you feel they are too stuck on their screens all the time? Following on from our popular 33 Fun Projects for Kids Aged 8-12 Years, here are 21 More Fun Projects for Kids Aged 8-12 Years that might just offer a solution!

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#1. Enter a Contest

fun projects for kids singing contest

Do you have a budding artist, photographer, writer, dancer, baker, flower arranger, crafter or scientist at home? Encourage them to enter a contest to show the world their talent.

#2. Learn a New Sport

fun projects for kids learn a new sport

It is so important to keep kids active as they leave the tween years behind and head into the teenage years. By trying out new sports during the tween years your child may just hit upon one that they love and will keep up for years to come.

#3. Learn to Cook

Fun projects for kids learn to cook

It is a great idea to get your tweens helping out in the kitchen and teaching them a few simple recipes that they can use all through their lives. Here are 25 Tasty Ideas For Cooking Ideas With Kids, and visit our food and recipes section for everything from breakfast recipe ideas to snack, dinner and sweet treat ideas.

#4. Try Fishing

fun projects of kids learn to fish

Help organise a fishing expedition for your tween to have a go at fishing in your local lake, river or the sea. And if they catch one, they can learn how to prepare it for dinner too, unless they have to throw it back!

#5. Interview Grandparents

Fun projects for kids interview your grandparents

Grandparents are full of wise advice and stories of the past. How about making up a questionnaire and interviewing them on video? Your child could ask them about family history, or any remedies or tales they have to share, and videoing it will make a nice memory for future viewing.

#6. Learn to Play an Instrument

Fun projects for kids learn to play an insturment

There are so many different instruments from the tin whistle to the guitar. You can self teach using books or online music tuition sites, or arrange for your tween to try some taster lessons with a music teacher, which is always a good idea before investing money in an expensive instrument.

The nice thing about learning to play an instrument is that it also opens up a diverse social network as your child grows.

#7. Make a Mini Robot

How fun do these little guys look? I found this idea on Red Ted Art and it is a fun project I will definitely be getting my tweens working on.

There are a few tricky steps involved so your child may need a bit of help with this fun project.

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Like this? Share it with your network!

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