The 10 Handiest Apps for Stop Motion Animation

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If you are looking for apps to use on your smartphone or device for making stop motion movies, here are the 10 Handiest Apps for Stop Motion Animation recommended by CreateSchool:

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Stop motion animation is great fun, both to watch and to create. This is an interesting (and secretly educational!) way for your kids to start using tech, use their imaginations and boost their own creativity.

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Stop Motion Animation Apps for Android

#1. ClayFrames

stop motion appsClayFrames is easy to use and has a good set of professional features for making stop-frame animation (or claymation) and time-lapse movies.

Clayframes Lite is the free trial version, it’s worth trying this out before you buy the full version to confirm it is compatible with your Android device.

Clayframes includes these features:

  • Mp4 video exporter for Android 4.3 and higher. Plays with built-in Android player.
  • AVI video exporter and player.
  • Onion-skinning (transparent overlay) for smooth movement. Align the current shot with the previous one.
  • Preview Loop: Review your movie as you shoot it! Make fast progress without stopping to review.
  • Trigger camera shutter remotely using a hand clap or the phones proximity sensor. Avoids camera shake.
  • Timed shutter release option for time-lapse movies. Any interval from 1 second to 1 hour.
  • Add audio using the microphone on your device. Record your own vocals, effects or soundtrack.

Cost: €2.39

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#2. Stop Motion Maker

stop motion appsAnother useful app, Stop Motion Maker has functions such as:

  • Shooting mode with manual / automatic shooting
  • onion skin
  • preview
  • export into avi or motion-jpeg format.

You can also frame edit and import image files in jpeg, png format.

Cost: Free

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#3. Stop Motion

stop motion appsCreate stop motion animation, videos and claymations with Stop Motion. Just setup your scene, shoot a frame, adjust and repeat. Once you’re done, this app will automatically string together all the frames into a .mov movie that you can export to your Gallery or play in VLC or upload straight to YouTube if you want.


  • HD resolutions
  • Grid Overlay
  • Onionskin Overlay
  • Local playback
  • Export to Gallery, available on devices running Android 4.0 or newer
  • Direct upload to YouTube, exported videos can be uploaded from the video gallery

Cost: €1.50

#4. Motion Stop Motion

stop motion appsSimple and fun to use, Motion Stop Motion captures stop motion clips with your Android camera, simple, fast and intuitive.

Note: Motion is not a slow motion app. It does however feature:

  • high quality video
  • the ability to create Amazing Stop Motion videos.
  • customizable frame ratefast video exporting

Cost: Free

#5. PicPac Stop Motion+TimeLapse

stop motion appsPicPac offers stop motion animation and time lapse together in the one app.


  • Add audio and music easily
  • No upload to server or PC required.
  • Use your gallery photos, gallery videos (broken down to pictures), Instagram photos, or capture time-lapse photos to create stop motion/timelapse videos and animations. You can also do Hyperlapse.
  • Hands-free sound-controlled in Timelapse Manual mode. Simply make a loud sound and a photo will be taken!
  • Add voice or music

If you upgrade to the Pro version you can also:
1. remove watermark
2. generate 480p,720p,1080p videos/animations
3. duplicate and merge projects
4. use your own ending logo

Cost: Free

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Stop Motion Animation Apps for iPhone and iPad

#6. iMotion

stop motion appsiMotion is an intuitive and powerful time-lapse and stop-motion app for iOS. Take pictures, edit your movie and export 1080p & 720p HD videos to your device or directly to Youtube.


  • HD capture & exports
  • 4 capture modes (time-lapse, manual, wifi remote, microphone)
  • Ultra speed shooting up to 10fps (*)
  • Variable frame rate playback
  • Portrait and landscape orientations supported
  • Useful capture tools (Manual Focus, Exposure Lock, Onion skin, …)
  • Export your videos and photos to your Photo Library, iTunes Sharing Folder or YouTube, Facebook and Mail (Full Version In-App required)
  • Autosave and direct preview
  • Unlimited movie length
  • Retina Display

Cost: Free

“This is probably better suited to older kids – not as kid-friendly, and less available on free version” – Jennifer

#7. I Can Animate

stop motion appsCreate stunning and exciting animation movies quickly and easily. With I Can Animate you can bring the art of creating stop-frame animations to your iOS devices and then share them for all to see.

I Can Animate has some really great features:

  • Capture frames using either camera on your iOS device
  • Displays onion skinning, so you can easily see the differences between frames you are capturing.
  • Preview captured frames in the scrollable timeline.
  • Adjust exposure, white balance and focus automatically or manually lock the settings.
  • Duplicate & Reorder frames
  • Review last five frames and preview whole project
  • Undo support
  • Capture automatically using the inbuilt time lapse feature
  • Standard & Widescreen display
  • Change playback speed
  • Connect a bluetooth keyboard and capture frames without returning to or tapping the device (iOS7+)
  • Share movies.

Cost: €2.99

#8. LEGO Movie Maker

lego movie makerHelp your child bring their LEGO characters to life with the LEGO Movie Maker App. This fun, kid-friendly app brings the whole family together to create a custom stop-motion movie.

Simple tools and guides make it easy to shoot, edit, and even score your movie with music.

Add one of the customizable title cards then share it online and, who knows, you may have the next summer blockbuster in your hands…literally! “Everything is Awesome!”

Cost: Free

“My 9 year old son loves this app – it’s really straightforward to use, very kid-friendly and he has used it to create lots of his own lego movies and movies with other characters” – Jennifer

#9. Stop Motion Studio

stop motion appsWith Stop Motion Studio you can create stop motion animated movies anywhere instantly on your device. Everything you need is right at your fingertips. No computer needed. It’s simple to use, deceptively powerful and insanely fun to play with. Cool themes, titles and sound effects are easy to add, too.

Stop Motion Studio has these features:

  • Overlay mode to show you the differences between frames for precise control
  • Grid mode to position animated objects more easily
  • Ability to use the volume button on your device to capture images
  • Integrated movie editor with frame-by-frame preview at different speeds
  • Cut, copy, paste, delete and insert frames at any position
  • Automatically capture frames with an adjustable time interval feature
  • Zoom in and out on the timeline view so you never get lost, even if you have hundreds of frames
  • Fade your movie in or out for a professional look

Cost: Free

#10. Stop Motion Cafe

stop motion appsStop Motion Cafe is a competent app that is easy to use and boasts some great features for longer-term projects. Using the app is simple, you just select your frames-per-second rate, hit “capture frames” and then tap the screen to add.

This app’s stand-out features are the ability to save down a project and continue work on it, and an edit function that lets you remove individual frames if you make a mistake.

When you’re done, hitting “Elaborate Movie” will save it to your Camera Roll.

Cost: Free

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Have you (or your kids) used any of these stop motion animation apps? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

10 handy apps for stop motion animation - Mykidstime

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